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Bye Bye, Birdie: How to Delete All Your Tweets in an Instant

·Assistant Editor
Twitter logo with dead bird
Twitter logo with dead bird

Have you ever, in a moment of self-reflection, realized that you regret every tweet you’ve ever sent?

It’s OK. As long as your poorly tasted posts didn’t immediately damage your employability, you can fix things quickly with no harm done. The solution comes in one of several Twitter services that will purge your entire timeline — or just old parts of it — in one fell swoop, meaning that you can erase the painful past without actually having to manually thumb through your 140-character drivel yourself.

Tweet Delete handles this task quickly, and even gives the option to schedule regular tweet cleans, auto-erasing anything older than a year, a week, or some other time frame of your choosing in between the two. All you have to do is navigate to the free service’s webpage, sign in with your Twitter credentials, and then select how much purging you want to do (Twitter limits the zapping of tweets to 3,200 at once).

Tweet Delete screenshot
Tweet Delete screenshot

Feel that? That’s the spring-fresh sensation of a new beginning.

Other sites that provide similar Twitter-cleaning services include Tweet Deleter, TwitWipe, and Delete All My Tweets. On the app side of things, Tweeticide (iPhone) and DLTTR (Android) will help you scrub your account clean from on-the-go status, assuming that your account contains fewer than 3,200 tweets, of course.

Now, the freshest of starts on Twitter would include deleting your account altogether and starting from scratch with a new handle (though you have to make sure you really want to give up @DudeBroMan420 for good). Chucking your old account forces you to begin anew with both followers and the accounts you follow, however.

And if it’s the case that you’re constantly shaming yourself, deleting tweets, and shaming yourself again, then maybe Twitter is not for you.

Otherwise, just try one of the cleansing services above. And maybe think before you tweet next time, @DudeBroMan420.

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