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C19Report.com Helps People Track, Analyze, and Compare their COVID-19 Symptoms and Recovery to Others around the World

Durham, NC, April 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- C19report.com is a new website and data analysis tool designed to help both confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases compare their symptoms to others on a day-by-day basis.  The application is the only one of its kind that allows anyone to filter and view reports based on confirmed and suspected cases, gender, age, pre-existing conditions, symptoms, location, days since onset, and more.  The app, built and made freely available by ProcessMaker Inc., is designed to help people self-report the progression of coronavirus related symptoms so that the spread can be closely monitored, self-diagnosis can be improved, and recovery times and progressions can be tracked and compared.    

“Right now the press and governments only have lagging indicators regarding the COVID-19 crisis, i.e. deaths and confirmed cases,” explains ProcessMaker CEO, Brian Reale.  “The world needs more leading indicators to show where and how the outbreak is spreading. Our goal is to produce an intelligent data set that can show us these leading indicators.  C19report has an open dataset and data tools, and we encourage data scientists to dig in to the data and help find the patterns of spread that can help us fight the pandemic.”

With a massive shortage of Covid-19 test kits and the difficulties many countries are facing to enact effective public health policy to address the pandemic, more solutions are needed.  C19report.com goes one step further than the numerous sickness reporting websites that have surfaced in recent days. C19report.com is also much easier to use than a downloadable phone based app.  C19report.com tracks both confirmed and suspected cases from the moment symptoms start all the way until recovery from the infection. This crowdsourced data is open to anyone and can be filtered based on sex, age, pre-existing conditions, location, days since symptoms appeared, and more.  As more people begin using the application, the dataset will grow and its predictive abilities will get smarter.  

Please help by reporting your daily symptom updates now by visiting c19report.com. 

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