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Cal-Bay Shareholder Update Schedule, November 2013

Las Vegas, NV / Accesswire / November 4, 2013 / Cal-Bay International, Inc. (CBYI) Today released the Company’s November 2013 Shareholder Update Schedule.

Cal-Bay has recently completed a series of studies and completed a comprehensive business plan for the development of a Waste Tire to Fuel facility, for the production of Fuel Oil, Gas and Power produced entirely from the recycling of waste tires. The company is in the process of preparing the financial information necessary for the funding of the first operational facility as a Cal-Bay wholly owned subsidiary.

Fact: The Tire to Fuel & Energy technology and recycling processes is projected to contribute to the mitigation of a worldwide environmental tire disposal crisis. Over three billion tires are stored in tire dumps in the United States and over 300 million more tires are disposed of every year in legal and illegal tire dumps. Not only is disposing of tires very expensive for municipalities, tire dumps also pose serious environmental and health hazards. Toxic tire dump fires, often the result of arson, cause extensive air pollution and groundwater contamination. Hundreds of tire dump fires occur in America every year. One fire in Tracy, California burned 7 million tires for two years and caused immeasurable air and groundwater pollution. A US Department of Energy funded study of tire dump fires on the El Paso, Texas border with Juarez, Mexico determined that over 300 tire dump fires occurred there in one year alone.

The initial projections show upon completion of a single operational facility annual revenues in the region of $17M are attainable with profits in excess of $10M annually.

Cal-Bay is further avidly pursuing the potential alternative replacement of the Steel Belts used in conventional tire manufacturing from a natural earth resource which when processed into a fiber material prove the product appears to be one of the optimum naturally derived recyclable materials available today, thermal tests conclude with working temperature ranges of between 200F to 1400F and a melting point in the region of 3000F. This type of material used in the manufacture of Tire Belts, could possibly be one of the safest and innovative materials available for future Tire Manufacturing technology. Reviews of comparative test data to date shows a strong possibility of additional safety and reduced costs to the Tire Manufacturers.

Cal-Bay recently announced the Huntington Beach, California based first wholly owned subsidiary for the Manufacture and distribution of the Company’s Health, Fitness and “Green Transportation” Models vehicular Product line. The company is actively pursuing the development of a “Motorized” version of the product for use as an alternative “Green Street Legal” personal transportation vehicle, compliant with relevant “Department of Transportation “DOT” requirements.

The Company is in the process of developing the E-commerce product website for product information and ordering, this site is scheduled to be announced and fully operational in the very near future.

Cal-Bay has been advised by a number of shareholders of difficulty in placing trades with some brokers due to an alleged DTC “Chill” this will serve as official confirmation the company has documentary evidence to DTCC demanding the removal of any type of unsubstantiated “Chill” upon the company’s stock. DTCC has responded to Cal-Bay and is investigating the matter.


Cal-Bay recently announced the company has re-organized the existing business plan model from that a specific single operational entity, to a multi-directional diversified Holdings Corporation. The decision was based upon analyzing several years of US economic decline along with an uncertain economic plan for the Country’s financial market recovery since the 2007 economic crash, leaving large numbers of Investors and a significant number of Iconic Main Stream Public and Private Companies financially devastated and ultimately closed down or out of business virtually overnight leaving Hundreds of Thousands of unemployed Americans. Examples of such household name and trusted companies were Washington Mutual, AIG and General Motors to name a few. The proven surviving strength through all of these events seemed to be the diversified Holdings Companies such as British petroleum (BP), Berkshire Hathaway, Harbinger Group, Loews and several similarly structured companies, with subsidiary company holdings and individual profit centers in “across the board” sectors of Industry and commerce, allowing for market adjustments within their own holdings according to market sector conditions and consumer spending patterns.

Cal-Bay has identified a number of sectors which appear to be regaining financial growth and consumer confidence in the USA financial markets today, and the company has already targeted and opened dialogue with number potential private company candidates for the new Holdings Corporation business plan. These diversified sectors include but are not limited to the Automotive, Leisure, Lifestyle, Health and Fitness, Nutritional, Financial, Precious Metals, Real Estate , Communications and Select Financial Benefit Markets.

For more Information: www.calbayinternational.net/products or visit our Twitter page at: www.twitter.com/calbay1

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