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California Dreaming: David Crantz Launches Social Media Sites for Cantor Funding, Inc.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 30, 2015) - The 2015 California Governor's budget plan calls for a 57 billion dollar investment into infrastructure over the next 5 years. The flourishing State of California that was once in a "State of Crisis" is now back on the rise. What was once a nightmare a few short years ago now seems to be seeing a full recovery.

Experts are predicting that the nation's most populous state will surely rise again and that the crisis of 2008 & 2009 could stimulate major changes in the economy, providing high dividends down the line. David Crantz of Cantor Funding Inc, a Newport Beach based lender that specializes in private money, says, "I'm impressed by the market recovery and opportunities that are surfacing in today's real estate market. I see treasures where the media and others may see 'doom and gloom'. It's very simple really. When the market is questionable is when the best deals are made." Crantz adds, "California, Florida, Arizona, Nevada and Texas are ripe with opportunities and when our supply-and-demand-based economy takes today's market full circle, these Sunbelt States will, more than likely, be re-elevated."

Will History Repeat Itself?

Tax Historian Dave Doerr once said, "The big increases in revenue the State has enjoyed have come from economic growth, not so much from tax increases. That's pretty clear if you look all the way through history." At the end of the Vietnam War, when California's powerful defense industry dissolved leaving high unemployment and talk about the State's long-term decline, the budding of the Silicon Valley and other tech regions evolved. An even more remarkable revival occurred in the 1990s with the collapse of the Soviet Union, a devalued Japan and a set of natural disasters: earthquakes, fires and floods. California rebounded, having reformed itself and discovered new ways to create business and wealth.

Buyers and investors are beginning to realize that the combination of favorable home prices, historically low mortgage rates, and first-time home buyer tax credits, may not align again for many years and they know the time is now to buy. 

When "California Dreaming", we can recall the wisdom of John D. Rockefeller who said, "The major fortunes in America have been made in land."

David Crantz with Cantor Funding Inc. adds, "The most outstanding opportunities in history take place in a down market because innovators are planning their next move while others are reacting to harsh market conditions." David Crantz launched www.cantorfundinginc.com in March 2015.

With over 30 years in lending, finance Mr. David Crantz comes from a long lineage of banking background. For three generations his family has been in the business of lending money for Real Estate. David has in depth experience in investing in commercial and residential real estate as well as decades of lending on properties. He has managed large complex Real Estate transactions, purchased distressed properties and has handled consumer finance loans. With the skill sets acquired in Real Estate investing and lending Mr. Crantz has also developed a keen understanding of Water Rights, Land Entitlements, Health Care, Hospitality, Construction and lending against Distressed Notes. Most importantly, Mr. Crantz understands Real Estate value. Mr. Crantz often doubles his investors' money in Real Estate Transactions with his expertise.

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