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California gas price to hit $5 a gallon: GOP governor candidate

Henry Fernandez

Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox is predicting California will see a significant gas price hike by the end of the summer.

“There’s going to be an absolute revolt because I gotta tell you gasoline in the state is going to go to almost $5 a gallon by the end of summer,” Cox said Tuesday during an interview on FOX Business’ “The Evening Edit.”

Cox is petitioning to repeal recent increases in California's gas tax and vehicle fees that he says are mismanaged by state agencies.

“Our politicians in California have been getting away with waste, and every time they come up short, they go to taxpayers, and they stick their hands in their pocket,” Cox said.

The tax gas is expected to generate $52 billion over the next decade for road repairs and transit upgrades.

Cox said the California Department of Transportation, known as Caltrans, was voted one of the most corrupt and wasteful agencies in the country.

“California spends $4 for every dollar Texas spends on building a mile a road,” Cox said.

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