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On the Call: 21st Century Fox's Carey

The Associated Press

To Hulu or not to Hulu?

That was the question earlier this year as its media company parents, 21st Century Fox and The Walt Disney Co., looked to sell the online video service.

After soliciting several offers, including one from satellite TV operator DirecTV, the parents pulled the plug on the sale last month, instead deciding to invest another $750 million in total with silent partner NBCUniversal to bolster the service.

After the company's fourth-quarter earnings release, 21st Century Fox President Chase Carey was asked about the decision to keep Hulu and invest in it.

QUESTION: Wondering if you can comment on the decision around Hulu. The fact that the business now seems to be more of a strategic asset for you guys and in investment mode.

RESPONSE: On Hulu, yeah, I think it's really a case where we know — I think we've always known — the importance of these digital platforms and the opportunity specifically for Hulu. The real pressure is: Partnerships are complicated. Can we get along with the strategy we both believed we can execute to be successful? I think as we went through this process, we really found all the constituents really coalesced around how to build this in a way it can be something exciting for content owners. Something that can be exciting addition to the digital marketplace. And something that in many ways enhances the existing ecosystem.