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On the Call: Amgen CEO Bob Bradway

The Associated Press

While discussing Amgen Inc.'s fourth-quarter results with analysts Tuesday, CEO Robert Bradway addressed questions about the biotech company's potential future growth.

QUESTION: What are your expansion plans geographically and do you have a preference for organic growth versus mergers and acquisitions?

ANSWER: You're right to point out that international expansion has been an important objective for us. We see that as a source of long-term growth for Amgen. We talked in particular about our desire to expand in Japan, China and selected emerging markets and so far, we've been successful, we feel, in doing that through a combination of partnerships and acquisitions. ... We'll look to supplement our positions with ongoing acquisitions ... but there aren't many (good options) .... We think that our biosimilar portfolio (similar but not identical, versions of brand-name biologic drugs) will be an attractive source of growth for Amgen, particularly internationally.