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Call for Facebook to be broken up and fined billions over privacy

Rob Waugh
Should Facebook be broken up? (getty)

Privacy groups have published a letter calling for Facebook to be broken up and fined billions over privacy concerns, in the wake of recent scandals.

The move came from American privacy groups including the Electronic Privacy Information Centre, and was delivered to America’s Federal Trade Commmission.

Nine groups urged Facebook to be fined over privacy concerns, and for Facebook’s companies (WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook) to be reestablished as independent, The Register reports.

The letter came as reports suggested that Facebook is preparing to integrate messaging across the three platforms.

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The letter said, ‘The companies should be reestablished as independent entities and Facebook should be required to disgorge the personal data unlawfully acquired from those firms.

‘This will also help restore competition and innovation for Internet messaging and photo app services, two important goals for the future of the Internet economy.

The letter said that Facebook had ‘operated for too long with too little democratic accountability’.

The groups urged that Facebook should be fined at least $2 billion.

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