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On the Call: LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (AP) -- LinkedIn Corp. picked up another 20 million registered members in the second quarter, more than in any other three-month period since the online professional networking service went public in 2011. The gains left LinkedIn with 238 million members at the end of June.

The accelerated growth left analysts pondering how much bigger LinkedIn might get as its service establishes itself as a one of the best ways for workers looking for better jobs to connect with employers trying to add more talent.

LinkedIn Jeff Weiner shared his thoughts on the market's potential size during a conference call Thursday discussing the company's second-quarter earnings.

QUESTION: With 238 million members, I think that means you have 10 percent of Internet users worldwide. So, big picture, how big do you think that number could be and what kind of market penetration can you get?

ANSWER: In terms of addressable opportunity with regard to the membership, we define (that) as knowledge workers. So, that's roughly 600 million professionals on a global basis and we're making good progress toward that end.

The vision, the much longer-term goal, essentially the dream is to create economic opportunities for the 3.3 billion people in the global workforce. And so, over time, we want to continue to scale the platform and provide the kinds of products and services that are going to generate those opportunities for those people. That's a much longer-term vision. And for now, we're very focused on the immediate addressable (opportunity) of the 600 million knowledge workers.