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How Do You Call a Market Top?

Steve Reitmeister

Last week John Blank posted a very popular Real Time Insight post entitled:

How Do You Call a Market Bottom?

Now its time to contemplate the flip side. Stocks are making new highs once again. And might reach 1700 by the time I click the submit button on this article. 

Yet this bull run has reached 52 months. That is not that far away from the average length of a bull market which is 63 months.  That harkens us to talk about the signs of a bear market.

To be clear, I am not saying the bear market is upon us. Rather we should discuss the tell tale signs of the next bear that would alert us traders to sell long positions and start loading up with shorts.  

What do you believe are the signs to look for? 

Please provide specific fundamental metrics or technical indicators that would help fellow Zacks investors prepare for the next bear market. Share that in the comments section below. 

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