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On the Call: P&G CFO Jon Moeller

The Associated Press

Procter & Gamble reported third quarter net income rose 6 percent as market share gains improved in North America and globally. Here CFO Jon Moeller discusses the improvement.

Question: Can you talk about what level of confidence you have in continued market share improvement?

Answer (CFO Moeller): "If you just step back over the last couple of years as we've discussed many times from a geographic standpoint, the one market that we weren't growing in that we needed to grow in was North America. And that's obviously a large part of our business and if you just look at the percentage of business holding or growing share there, it went from growing 15 percent in the June quarter to 55 percent in the first half of this fiscal year to two-thirds in the March quarter to over 70 percent in the month of March. That gives us a lot of confidence that we're on the right trail here."