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On the Call: Research in Motion CEO Heins

The Associated Press

During a conference call on Thursday, Research in Motion Ltd. CEO Thorsten Heins was asked about the company's plans to undergo a comprehensive strategic review.

QUESTION: As part of the strategic review, will the sale of the company be on the table? Or is that something beyond what you're looking at in terms of the strategic review?

ANSWER: So I and my team and also the board truly believe that the best path for RIM is to manage the turnaround, because I look at RIM as we have to turn this company around, we have to turn it into a future — into a successful future. That is what I am charged with by the board. That's my challenge and that's what I'm working against. Now, if there's any element that we detect during that strategic review that would lead us into this direction, we would consider it. But it is not the main direction we are pursuing right now.