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Calling All Disney Fans: You Can Buy a Mickey Mouse-Inspired Rug for Your Home

Christie Calucchia

Perhaps the only thing better than a machine-washable rug is a machine-washable rug featuring beloved Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck. Thanks to Ruggable, and it’s recently launched Disney collection, now you can buy your own fun (yet practical) Disney-inspired rug.

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From runners to area rugs, Ruggable is offering a variety of rug styles in magical patterns. Some are bold and playful, clearly displaying cartoon silhouettes, while others are so subtle, you wouldn’t realize at first glance that they’re secretly depicting Disney characters. The rugs are a fun element of decor for a kids’ room or play area — of course, you could also style them anywhere else in your home, too (no judgement, Disney fans!). 

Not only will they look great, but you also won’t have to stress about keeping them clean: All of Ruggable’s rugs are stain-resistant, waterproof, non-slip, and machine-washable. If a spill does happen, the two-piece system allows you to easily remove the rug cover from its non-slip rug pad (which you can buy separately) and toss it right into the washing machine. They’re also hypoallergenic and made of nontoxic materials, so you can feel good about styling one in any room.

Shop the whimsical rug collection below to give your home a dose of Disney magic.

Mickey Persian Burgundy Rug

At first glance, you’d hardly recognize the Disney elements in this Persian-inspired rug. But upon closer inspection, a variety of Mickey Mouse silhouettes reveal themselves within the intricate pattern.

Buy It! Ruggable 5’x7’ Mickey Persian Burgundy Rug, $199; ruggable.com

Mickey Doodles Black and Ivory Rug


Perfect for a kids’ bedroom or play area, this rug features illustrations of Mickey Mouse made with continuous lines. It looks like something right out of an animator’s sketchbook.

Buy It! Ruggable 5’x7’ Mickey Doodles Black and Ivory Rug, $199; ruggable.com

Mickey & Friends Warm Grey Rug


Mimicking a cubist Picasso painting, this rug displays images of Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Donald Duck. With its neutral colors and abstract design, it’s subtle enough to leave on display in just about any room.

Buy It! Ruggable 5’x7’ Mickey & Friends Warm Grey Rug, $199; ruggable.com

Minnie Floral Multicolor Rug


This floral rug includes a playful nod to Minnie Mouse thanks to a few hidden silhouettes of her ears and signature bow. It’ll be a bright, colorful, and undeniably cheery addition to your space.

Buy It! Ruggable 5’x7’ Minnie Floral Multicolor Rug, $199; ruggable.com

Mickey Damask Stone Rug


A detailed damask pattern conceals many Mickey Mouse ears in this grey and taupe rug. It’s a fun piece of decor for any adult who never stopped loving the classic Disney character.

Buy It! Ruggable 5’x7’ Mickey Damask Stone Rug, $199; ruggable.com

Mickey Polka Dots Multicolor Rug


Spruce up a child’s room or nursery with this colorful Mickey Mouse-speckled rug. With geometric shapes, bright hues, and dynamic designs, it will certainly inspire fun times.

Buy It! Ruggable 5’x7’ Mickey Polka Dot Multicolor Rug, $199; ruggable.com

Mickey Stripes Stone Rug


From far away this could pass for an ordinary striped rug, but up close, you’ll notice Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s unmistakable shoes and gloves — a cute, discreet homage to the cartoon couple.

Buy It! Ruggable 5’x7’ Mickey Stripes Stone Rug, $199; ruggable.com

Mickey Ombre Black and White Rug


With elements of pop art and contemporary ombre designs, this rug manages to give a repetitive pattern of Mickey Mouse’s ears a dynamic effect. Strategically placed polka dots create an image that’s full of depth and Disney magic.

Buy It! Ruggable 5’x7’ Mickey Ombre Black and White Rug, $199; ruggable.com

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