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Calling All Lyft and Uber Users: Freebird Launches in Nashville

Freebird selects Nashville as its first market to build to scale; partners with local events, organizations, restaurants, and more

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Freebird, a free iOS and Android app that works with Uber and Lyft to save people money by offering cash back deals and reward points (redeemable for cash) on every ride, has selected Nashville as its first market to build to scale. Freebird makes it easy for users to take advantage of cash back incentives offered by their favorite local spots or discover new restaurants and attractions.

Freebird is working to partner with local organizations, restaurants, bars and events and has recently made its Nashville debut at Tomato Fest, Live on the Green, Wine on the River, Nashville Brew Fest, Pilgrimage Fest and Network Under 40’s Third Year Anniversary event. They will also next be a sponsor at Oktoberfest offering rides to or from the festival, paired with a photo activation booth onsite.  Freebird has already added local favorites such as Ole Red, Bar Otaku, Tin Roof, and BoomBozz to the platform and has partnered with Lipman Bros, a leader in Tennessee’s beverage alcohol distribution, to jointly approach other top restauranteurs in Nashville. 

“With Nashville’s rapid growth, thriving entertainment scene, and lack of available parking, Freebird will provide a significant benefit for residents and businesses by making Uber and Lyft a more affordable and fun option,” said Freebird Chief Growth Officer and CFO Adam Mizel. “For Freebird users, we’re providing cash back or reward points on rides they are already taking. For restaurants and bars, events and other local businesses, Freebird drives customers and provides a simple-to-use app platform to market their brands to rideshare users before, during, and after they visit their locations.”

Freebird does not charge its users anything. In fact, Freebird provides rewards to users by partnering with local businesses who are competing to attract customers and drive ongoing loyalty. Those local establishments, such as bars and restaurants, show their thanks by offering cash back deals which not only encourage users to visit their locations but can also offset rising rideshare costs.

Freebird also helps to defeat drunk driving by partnering with thought leaders like Diageo through their Don Julio and Crown Royal brands to promote safe rides home from restaurants and bars through the app. Users can simply order their safe ride home and Don Julio or Crown Royal will give them reward points or cash back.

Freebird is available nationwide. However, the Los Angeles-based company selected Nashville as the first city to build to scale due to its outstanding entertainment and restaurant scene along with a strong base of Uber and Lyft users. Nashville has recently been an early adopter of new technologies and, in 2014, was one of the first cities to fully embrace Uber and Lyft as vital transportation options.

Download Freebird at no cost from the App Store and Google Play Store or visit www.freebirdrides.com

About Freebird
Available Nationwide, Freebird is a free mobile app that works with Uber or Lyft to save people money by offering cash back deals or reward points on every ride. Recently, Freebird surpassed its one millionth ride, allowing users to receive more than $2 million in cash back and earn nearly 580 million reward points. For more information, please visit www.freebirdrides.com.

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