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Camber Energy Completes Coyle Field Workovers and Updates Production Results

SAN ANTONIO, TX / ACCESSWIRE / November 28, 2017 / Camber Energy, Inc. (NYSE American: CEI) (''Camber'' or the ''Company'') today provided an update on the process underway to reestablish production from six Natural Gas/Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) wells in the Coyle field, located in Lincoln and Payne Counties, Oklahoma. Camber is the operator of this field and has repaired or replaced the electric submersible pumps (ESPs), replaced tubing strings, and acidized and descaled each well as appropriate in an effort to reinstate the water, gas and NGL production. Currently, the Company is producing 2,550 barrels of formation water, 25 barrels of oil and 2,300 thousand cubic feet (MCF) of gas per day from 12 legacy wells. The wellhead gas production average is comprised of 65% NGL's and 35% residue gas. The field-wide average British thermal unit (BTU) is 1,750.

Furthermore, Camber is evaluating the potential for additional sustained production gains by use of specific well compression and by installing ESPs in two free-flowing wells. These two wells have 1,900 BTU gas, the highest in the field. Production from the twelve wells began almost fifteen years ago, have a minimal depletion curve and an estimated remaining economic lifespan exceeding 10 years.

In addition to the Coyle Field, Camber has varied working interests in 54 producing Hunton wells in Lincoln County, Oklahoma. The net production to Camber's interests are 15 barrels of oil per day (BOPD) of approximately 62 gravity oil and 2,100 MCF per day of NGL rich gas. As in the Coyle Field, the gas is comprised of 65% NGL's and 35% residue gas. Camber is contracted with midstream operator, Kinder Morgan, to gather and process the gas on a percentage of proceeds contract. The field-wide gas has an average BTU content of approximately 1,450. Camber owns its proportionate share of the critical saltwater disposal, electrical, and infrastructure required to effectuate the dewatering and depressurizing of the residual hydrocarbon zones. Camber continually evaluates the potential for offset proved undeveloped reserve (PUD) development of this long life field. Camber also has a varied working interest in 40 oil or gas wells in Glasscock County, Texas, operated by Apache Oil and Gas. These wells produce from the Cline, Wolfberry, and Fusselman reservoirs. Net production to Camber is currently 25 BOPD and 65 MCF of gas per-day.

''As we recently announced, Camber is pursuing existing production acquisitions (proved developing producing (PDP) + proved undeveloped reserve (PUD)) which can add to our inventory of producing wells and drillable offsets in areas like the Permian Basin and other strategic locations,'' commented Richard N. Azar II, Interim CEO of Camber, who continued, ''We want to capitalize on situations where we can leverage our expertise and experience in the dewatering technology to accelerate value and expand operations.''

About Camber Energy, Inc.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Camber Energy (NYSE American: CEI) is a growth-oriented, independent oil and gas company engaged in the development of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquids in the Hunton formation in Central Oklahoma in addition to anticipated project development in the San Andres formation in the Permian Basin. For more information, please visit the Company's website at www.camber.energy.

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