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Cambertire Releases Another Breakthrough Performance Test Result and Sales Forecasts for its Disruptive Tire Technology.

LAS VEGAS, NV - (Accesswire) - August 28th 2013 - Cal-Bay International, Inc. (CBYI) Cambertire Division Today announced another breakthrough performance test result and sales potentials for its disruptive tire technology and a new look of the company’s website http://www.cambertire.com/.

Cambertires recent braking and coast down testing with GPS DATA equipment has shown tremendous improvements in both safety and fuel efficiency when compared to other high performance traditional square tires. Braking distances that far exceed the shortest 60 - 0 distances ever recorded on any vehicle at any price. Coast down efficiency is extremely important to the entire industry moving forward with regard to CAFE requirements and customer demands. Cambertire feels strongly that these considerations combined with reduced rollovers/improved emergency maneuvering capabilities and thru the roof handling and ride quality/comfort will translate into a complete shift in the $100 BILLION per year tire market. Cambertire feels strongly that these considerations will not be able to be overlooked at the OEM level.

Given the enormity of the world tire market there appears to be almost unlimited demand for tires with Cambertire's revolutionary technologies. Cambertire’s business model is based on manufacturing and licensing to grow Cambertire's market share rapidly. Greatly expanding production capability through outsourcing production to other facilities and licensing the technology will dramatically increase the returns from this venture. Within 5 years, Cambertire projects its annual gross sales and licensing could exceed a billion dollars.

Cambertire CEO John Scott states "the real world feel and functionality of our tires in ALL areas so far exceeds anything else available that it is like comparing radials to wooden wagon wheels and I am not exaggerating" "I feel certain that where Cambertire is currently positioned is similar to Microsoft when it was just Bill in his mom's garage and maybe even bigger!"

The company invites you to take a look at its updated website at http://www.cambertire.com/. If you have previously viewed the prior site, you must first clear your computer cache then enter the website url or the older website may still appear.

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