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Camera Black Friday 2019 Deals: Mirrorless and DSLRs from Sony, Nikon, and Canon Compared by Deal Answers


Competition between the major manufacturers of cameras makes Black Friday a great time to get a DSLR or mirrorless camera. Nikon, Canon, and Sony have all released discounts on their cameras. Deal Answers estimates their sales below:

DSLR Black Friday Cameras

Mirrorless Black Friday Cameras

DSLR cameras are a proven technology. They rely on a mirror to send the field of view to the sensor. Mirrorless cameras expose the sensor directly to the light without a mirror as the name suggests. Clicking on links may earn Deal Answers a commission.

Sony is the market leader when it comes to mirrorless cameras. Mirrorless cameras are lighter than DSLRs and they can often perform better at video. Other manufacturers like Canon have slowly entered the mirrorless space to take Sony head-on.

Prices change a lot during Black Friday. Availability is also limited and stores have different starting and stopping times. Searching numerous sources and comparing them can find you the best deal on a camera.

In addition to camera bodies, numerous lenses and other accessories like tripods are being discounted as well. Black Friday is usually the day with the biggest discounts on cameras each year. A wide range of models are being discounted including beginner bundles and even expert setups. Often the lens is purchased separately on more expensive cameras.

About Deal Answers: Deal Answers researches and finds discounts for sales events like Black Friday. Deal Answers may earn commission from clicks as an Amazon Associate and member of other programs.

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