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'What can possibly go wrong?' Ariana Grande's surprise engagement has fans confused

What can possibly go wrong?”

“Good luck.”

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are engaged … after three weeks of dating. That’s weeks, people, not years. The unbelievably fast romance between the two has turned a lot of heads, and Yahoo commenters have a ton of feelings.

“My husband and I got engaged after three weeks of dating,” wrote one supporter. “We knew. Maybe they do too. Best wishes.” “I knew with my guy,” another posted. “Took one week to fall in love. When you know, you know.”

It could be true love, but some commenters are just a little bit more skeptical of the young lovebirds.

“Hormones, they do strange things to the young,” posted a detractor. “You really can’t take celebrity engagements or marriages serious because they don’t,” another wrote. “They are celebrities,” concluded another. “They live in the land of fairytales and happily ever after.”

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