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Can Using Tinder-Style Job Hunting Apps Actually Get You Hired?


[Image: Getty]

Job hunting already shares many of the negative, self-esteem-crushing aspects of dating, so why not channel the convenient, swiping-while-on-your-loo-break bits as well?

We tried some of the most popular job apps out there to see if you can really download your next career move.

1. Job Pal

The breakdown: Number of jobs: 2/5 | Ease of use: 5/5 | Overall rating: 3/5


Job Pal isn’t actually an app but a chat bot you talk to via Facebook chat which helps you search for jobs from its database. For example, if you tell the bot that you’re interested in working in social media in London, Job Pal will show you a small selection of relevant job ads and allow you to make a speedy application.


To apply for a job, all you need to do is answer a few quick questions (the answers to which can be edited before they’re submitted). If you’ve been totally jaded by the job hunting process and you’re about to jack it all in and head home to mum and dad, then this gimmick may well be the respite you need.


Though there isn’t a huge range of ads (if you’re looking for roles like waitressing or bar work, this isn’t for you), Job Pal does have big companies like Amazon and IBM on board. But as many job postings on the app aren’t exclusive, it’s difficult to determine whether you’d be a worthy competitor against those who applied for the same job through a different site that requires a full cover letter and CV.

2. Debut

The breakdown: Number of jobs: 2/5 | Ease of use: 3/5 | Overall rating: 3/5


This one’s for students and recent grads. The jobs up for grabs on Debut are mostly entry level gigs, internships and graduate schemes. The twist is that the app includes games which, if you score highly enough, can get you noticed by employers and allow you to skip steps in the application process, or even bag yourself an internship.


There isn’t a huge catalogue of jobs on offer but the app is used by companies like Google and L’Oreal so it’s worth a go – especially if you’re sick of writing cover letters. All you have to do to apply for a post is press a button and the company gets to view your profile.

3. Coople

The breakdown: Number of jobs: 1/5 | Ease of use: 3/5 | Overall rating 2/5


Coople is designed to help you find temp work as a waiter, bar tender, events assistant, cleaner, office assistant and more. You build a profile by adding your skills, CV, proof of your right to work in the UK and then wait for jobs to come up that match your profile.


Unfortunately, we found that the app could be a little buggy and wouldn’t allow us to input information like a National Insurance number. Though it’s a great concept, Coople also wasn’t quick to produce results and after almost two day’s use, it had only thrown up one matching work opportunity for the profile we created.

4. Job Today

The breakdown: Number of jobs: 3/5 | Ease of use: 4/5 | Overall rating 3.5/5


Job Today is the perfect antidote to months spent waiting to hear back from a job interview only to receive a painfully polite rejection email. The app guarantees that you’ll get a response to your application (which just involves clicking apply) within 24 hours.

This isn’t great if you’re looking for your next gig as a CEO but for service and vocational jobs, as well as internships in sectors like social media, it’s a great find. It’s easy to use and provides a solid number of openings across the country, not just in London.

5. CV library

The breakdown: Number of jobs: 5/5 | Ease of use: 3/5 | Overall rating 4/5


Whether you’re a waitress or a banker, the CV Library app advertises a huge range of opportunities all over the UK.


The app is just an adaptation of the CV Library website so novelty features are thin on the ground but if you’re prepared to whack out CVs and cover letters, your chances of finding something on here are good.

The app will also send you push notifications every time one of your saved searches produces new results, so after the initial trawl you won’t have to make much effort to find relevant opportunities.

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