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CAN5 - Cerebus Archive Number Five - is Now in the Process of Being Restored

Canadian Cartoonist Dave Sim is Working on Reprinting the Popular Story of an Anthropomorphic Aardvark

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / August 29, 2016 / Canadian Cartoonist Dave Sim is pleased to announce that he is in the process of restoring Cerebus, the highly lauded graphic novel that centers on an anthropomorphic aardvark. One of the projects that he is currently working on is called CAN5 - Cerebus Archive Number Five.

To learn more about Cerebus, as well as read about the professional and talented award-winning team who is behind the innovative preservation and restoration of the popular graphic novel, please visit https://goo.gl/rNxVBk.

As a spokesperson for the project noted, Cerebus is a comic book series that ran from 1977 until 2004. The comic was created by Sim, an iconic cartoonist who was later joined by background artist and illustrator Gerhard.

Cerebus, the title character, took on a number of interesting and diverse roles during the series, including Prime Minister and Pope. In addition to the interesting story lines, fans of Cerebus enjoyed the eye-catching artwork.

"An ongoing effort is being made to restore and preserve Sim's 6,000 page epic, Cerebus," the spokesperson said.

"The Cerebus Archive project aims to ensure the highest quality future reprinting of the 16 Cerebus trade-paperbacks, allowing for the beloved comic to remain available to fans for generations and continue to inspire readers."

In order to help pay for the huge restoration project, Sim recently launched a fundraiser on Kickstarter. He hopes to use crowdfunding to raise needed money to help get the restored copies into the hands of his established and appreciative readers, as well as introduce the fascinating tale of Cerebus to a new generation of fans.

To encourage people to contribute to his Kickstarter campaign, Sim is also offering the Cerebus Archive Number Five as a pledge item.

"This is a folio of the ten earliest Jaka's Story pages in the Cerebus Archive with commentary by Dave Sim," the spokesperson noted, adding that this is a limited edition, numbered and signed set of plates, digitally reproduced from Dave and Gerhard's original art, exactly as he drew it, with all of the blue lines, pencil lines and aging discolouration, at 100 percent size.

About CAN 5 - Cerebus Archive Number Five:

Cerebus, the highly lauded graphic novel centering on an anthropomorphic aardvark, is in the process of being restored. Cerebus Archive Number Five, which is part of the restoration and preservation, is also available as a pledge item to people who contribute to the Cerebus Archive project. For more information, please visit https://goo.gl/rNxVBk.


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