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Canadian Cloud Council, City of Palo Alto and Gartner Executives Announce Highrise - an Evolution Shifting Strategic Advisory Group

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Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - May 2, 2019) - On this very morning, world-weary but optimistic as ever, Robert Brennan Hart, serial technology entrepreneur and social activist, announced Highrise; (www.highrise.one) the highly anticipated successor to the Canadian Cloud Council and Politik.

Highrise Advisory Group Inc. is predicated on the belief that the digital economy can be reconstructed to serve the future of all of humanity and not just a select few. The organization believes that in order for this future to be realized, innovation must be purposefully redirected to finally reconcile growth with equality, people with profits and economics with the environment.

In addition to Hart, Highrise's founding executive includes Edward Wilson-Smythe, former Senior Leader of Gartner Consulting and Jonathan Reichental, former CIO of City of Palo Alto. Highrise is headquartered in Toronto and operates offices in Palo Alto, Edmonton, New York, London and New Delhi. Hart, Wilson-Smythe and Reichental promise to reconstruct the future of humanity from the bottom up.

"Anthropocentrism has become our centre of ethical gravity," lamented Hart, Highrise's Founder and Chief Executive Officer. "Our cosmos harbours abundant life, and given the statistics, this includes intelligent life. And yet, here we are, onboard our pale blue dot, drifting through the void with no mission or destination."

"We're exhausting our fuel and provisions, and our atmosphere is a growing threat to our existence. Our emerging generations are hungering for a clear and common sense of purpose, but can we offer them one?"

"Highrise is focused on helping clients redefine their purpose; from how innovation is integrated into their business, to how they create broad-based value and opportunity, to how they leverage investment and partnerships for growth," commented Wilson-Smythe, Co-Founder and Chief Client Officer. "We look forward to bringing governments, enterprises and technology companies together to define and realize these goals and ultimately create mutual pathways of success."

Highrise's world-class advisory board provides its clients with unique access to a global network of industry experts; including: Michelle Dennedy, Chief Privacy Officer at Cisco; Vasu Jakkal, Chief Marketing Officer at FireEye; Joshua McKenty, Cofounder of OpenStack and Rhonda Vetere, President of nThrive Data.

"Highrise is born out of a passionate commitment to balanced economic development, the courage to challenge incumbency and an unwavering track record of successfully shepherding disparate interests for the common good," commented Reichental, Highrise's Chief Innovation Officer and world-renowned expert in open government and open data.

"We are proud to continue an unbroken record of engagement and innovation that has driven sustainable growth in the largest and most complex organizations globally while reconstructing the digital economy to serve the future of all of humanity," concluded Hart.

ABOUT HIGHRISE (www.highrise.one)

Highrise is a global strategic advisory group predicated upon the belief that the digital economy can be reconstructed to serve the future of all of humanity; and not just a select few. We help clients redefine their purpose and realize the full potential of their organizations; whilst simultaneously achieving both sustainable growth and positive social impact.

Our emerging generation is hungering for a clear and common sense of purpose, but can we offer them one? Can we finally reconcile growth with equality; profits with people and economics with the environment?

Highrise challenges our clients to answer these questions as we propel them into a meaningful engagement aimed at breaking down the barriers of incumbency and committing to a more free and equal society; a society built on the endless possibilities of technology driven innovation.

For media inquiries, please visit www.highrise.one or email media@highrise.one.

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