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Cancer daily horoscope

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Wednesday 13, November

Mercury is hella busy today, and because the communication planet is still in retrograde, this brings lots of attention to the realm of talking, thinking and texting. Your mind is probably lit up with ideas and random thoughts, but there's also a very scattered vibe in the air. Try to write down anything that seems valuable, because it's likely that you'll forget later on.

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Tuesday 12, November

With your ruling luminary at her most powerful, you're allowed to let all your feels out today, Cancer. Use the energy of today's intense Full Moon in Taurus to take stock of your social life and the connections you share with your closest friends. Don't let a drama erupt, however - stick to healing and letting go if you can.

Monday 11, November

Today Mercury conjuncts the Sun, but because the communication planet is right in the middle of a potent retrograde, it may feel like quite an intense moment of breakthrough. Your romantic and creative experiences are right at the center of this, so review them accordingly and make the changes you need to, Cancer.

Sunday 10, November

Today's super loaded energy is pushing your patience to the edge. It's easy to get into a tug-of-war over everything and nothing. Use your emotional intelligence to avoid all situations, people and places that you know will trigger you from the get-go. You're better than that, Cancer.

Saturday 09, November

Today's lunar energy is a combination of feisty and frustrated. Don't get caught up in power struggles or battles of the will. You've got better things to do with your life. This influence is better used to focus on your career and life goals. What is your life's mission statement? It's time to live it.

Friday 08, November

The Moon lights up your career zone for the next few days, Cancer. You are feeling more inspired and on fire than you have in days, so take advantage. Plus the planet of beauty and love is giving the Moon a really sweet boost, making life much sweeter all around.

Thursday 07, November

The planets are all about your feelings today, Cancer. Yes, you have every excuse to focus on what inspires you at the highest level. You're also thinking about new courses of study and what you would like to put your energy into in 2020. New teacher or mentor perhaps?

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