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Cancer daily horoscope

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Wednesday 26, June

The planet in charge of communication and thinking moves into Leo today. This means that your house of money and self-esteem will be all lit up for the next few weeks. Take note of this because Mercury Retrograde begins on 7 July, and things might get a bit complicated for a few weeks.

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Tuesday 25, June

The Last Quarter Moon arrives today and lights up the top of your chart, Cancer. What would you like to do with your professional endeavors for the next cycle of your birthday season? You can live and dream big. Just go for it without second-guessing yourself. Your instincts are right on.

Monday 24, June

The stars are extremely messy yet again today, and because it's Monday, it could be a lot more frustrating. Venus squares off with mystical Neptune this morning, setting off an emotional tsunami in the realm of partnerships. Your worldview about relationships could shift significantly.

Sunday 23, June

The Moon continues to swim in the liminal and deep waters of Pisces today, darling. You'll have to do all you can just to keep your head above water. You're working through all of your most irrational feelings at once, and yet there is something quite poetic about it all.

Saturday 22, June

Thinking and communication are extra murky the moment, Cancer. People are operating under a thick veil and it's like everyone is walking around with brain fog. This heavy vibe will pass soon enough. Try to tap into your creative juice and flow without overthinking everything.

Friday 21, June

Hey Cancer, it's officially your season as of today. The Sun moves into your constellation to light up your life and your aura for the next month. All eyes will be on you. Plus, it's the official start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Life is getting sweeter, brighter and loads more fun.

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