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Cannabis Ink: Tattoos Of The Plant Are Gaining Popularity

Nina Zdinjak

What was once considered a source of shame, with the legalization and the industry growth, cannabis has become a source of pride, as more and more people are heading to tattoo studies to get their cannabis-themed tattoos, according to The Spokesman-Review.

Desi Eleazar, co-owner of Altered Society Tattoo Company in Post Falls told the outlet “it is becoming a lot more acceptable, even in Idaho, for people to come into my shop to get weed tattoos.”

She added that with the ever-growing weed acceptance, more and more people are getting marijuana tattoos on visible body parts.

It looks like the shame has been replaced with pride, as once part of the Hippie subculture from the 1960s and the 1970s is trending again.

“I would love to do more little bud tattoos; I was even thinking about doing a 4/20 flash special,” experienced tattoo artist Eleazar told The Spokesman-Review.

Jeremy Youngman, another tattoo artist at Spokane Super Tattoo told The Spokesman-Review the times are definitely changing in the perspective of cannabis acceptance. Nevertheless, their studio’s philosophy is always to remind clients that tattoos stay there forever and that they should be aware of cannabis stigma being present among some people.

Altered Society shares this philosophy, as no tattoo artist wants to see its clients having regret. Also, Eleazer told the outlet that smoking cannabis before getting their tattoo done is not recommended.

“For clients that have smoked before coming in, I’ve noticed they seem to not want to sit long because it can make you hyperaware of the pain. Smoking is good for internal pains but for external pains, it can make you zero in on it, ” she said.

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