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Cannabis Real Estate Firm BANGI, Inc. to Build One of Largest Cannabis Investor Networks as Part of Global Marketing Strategy

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Los Angeles, California--(Newsfile Corp. - December 4, 2019) - BANGI, Inc. (OTC: BNGI) ("BANGI" or the "Company"), a diversified investment vehicle that acquires and leases specialized real estate assets in the cannabis, hemp and CBD industries, announced that its Chief Marketing Officer, Dr. Matthew Knowles, today unveiled the initial stage of its global marketing strategy with the development of a national network of cannabis investors through Meetup.com, a rapidly growing online platform that is used to organize groups of people with similar interests to host in-person events and meetings. 

"BANGI's overall marketing strategy will include our grassroots efforts to build one of the largest national online network of cannabis connoisseurs, investors, customers and media that cover our industry," said Dr. Neil Parsan, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BANGI, Inc. "This initiative was launched by leveraging the technological advantages of the Internet through sites such as Meetup.com and others in an effort to merge the hundreds of independent communities of cannabis connoisseurs across the country's major cities into one large network that will initially be exclusively used to further BANGI's various interests from topics ranging from acquisition opportunities to attracting new investors for our upcoming $50 million Reg A+ offering," concluded Dr. Parsan. 

Company Seeking Brand Ambassadors Across Major Metropolitan Areas

As part of this strategy, BANGI is encouraging all parties interested in the cannabis industry to join a BANGI Meetup group in your respective geographic area. As these groups expand, BANGI will be seeking individuals across the nation's largest metropolitan areas to join the Company as Brand Ambassadors. Each Brand Ambassador will be responsible for attracting, managing and expanding memberships for their respective cities on Meetup.com as well as working directly with the Company on a variety of upcoming marketing initiatives, ranging from new cannabis product launches to investor conferences. Interested parties should email Dr. Matthew Knowles, BANGI's Chief Marketing Officer, at mknowles@bangistock.com detailing your qualifications to become a BANGI Brand Ambassador, such as your past success as an influencer on social media, number of followers on the various platforms and most of all your enthusiasm for BANGI's growth strategy and the nation's emerging cannabis industry.

To be added to BANGI's investor or media lists, please call 833-BANGINC or via email at ir@bangistock.com.

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About BANGI, Inc. [OTC: BNGI]

BANGI (pronounced bon-ghee), which means "marijuana" or "hemp" in the African dialect Swahili, is a diversified investment vehicle that acquires and leases specialized real estate assets, such as cannabis farms. The Corporation combines hard asset security and long-term appreciation potential. For more information, visit www.bangistock.com.

BANGI, Inc. Forward-Looking Statements

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