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Canvs to Host Upcoming Webinar with Sony Pictures Entertainment: How to Leverage AI to Revolutionize Survey Research

NEW YORK, July 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Canvs, the world's leading solution for AI processing of quantitative surveys, will be hosting a live webinar on 'How Sony is Using AI to Revolutionize its Survey Research' in partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment on July 25th at 1:30PM EST.  We invite you to register here!


AI has transformed many aspects of primary research, but no one has cracked the code to automate open-ended responses – until now. While most researchers still spend hours manually hand-coding their open-ends, Canvs Surveys now enables you to complete the job in seconds – delivers objective, consistent, and scalable results your business demands.

Please join Jared Feldman (CEO & Founder at Canvs) and Danielle Kushner (Senior Analyst, Consumer Insights at Sony Pictures Entertainment) when they discuss how AI technology has transformed Sony's quantitative survey processing to make smarter choices - faster - when it comes to marketing and content development.

"Before we partnered with Canvs, it would take me hours to meticulously read and hand code open-ended responses. Canvs Surveys digests all the unstructured open-ends in just a few minutes, parses out the underlying topics and emotions, and creates a visual representation of the data. Now, I have the time that I need to think more deeply about the insights and the story behind the data."

- Danielle Kushner, Senior Analyst, Consumer Insights at Sony Pictures Entertainment

Canvs Surveys, the latest flagship product from Canvs, is focused on measuring and understanding consumer behavior. Its advanced ontology  is based on the analysis of trillions of words, phrases, and expressions over time and enables researchers to ask better questions, extract meaningful signals, and tell stories that transform insights into action.

Visit the Canvs website at https://www.canvs.ai/ to learn more!

About Canvs: Canvs is the industry standard for topical analysis and emotion measurement. Our patented AI technology allows our clients, from research agencies to major media companies, turn text into powerful insights in seconds. We've automated the ability for any organization to analyze and better understand the emotions and sentiments of their customers - so they can drive significant improvement in their product and brand experiences.


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