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Capital One's new Savor card literally pays you money for dining out and buying groceries

Emily Rella, AOL.com

Cash back and rewards-based credit cards are pretty much a guaranteed way to earn “free money” (a term that will forever make zero sense while simultaneously making so much sense in context.)

The reality is, though, that often times credit card companies and banks alike will offer cash back or rewards for certain purchases that are either unattainable or unrealistic — not even factoring in initiation and annual fees for the card itself. 

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Ideally, we would all have access to a card that offered us rewards as a bonus while we were already spending the bulk of our money on the things we love the most, instead of trying to hit a certain spending threshold to earn rewards.

That would be pretty sweet (pun intended, of course) wouldn’t it?

Well, for foodies, cooks and professional dining out-ers, it looks like that wish has just been granted.

Enter the Savor card by Capital One, the first cash back credit card that rewards consumers with money on food and dining-related purchases.

With no annual fee, the card follows a simple 3-2-1 breakdown of cash-back allocations: Three percent cash back on dining out, two percent on groceries and one percent on all other purchases.

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So whether you’re someone who’s keen on all of the hottest restaurants in your area or a loyal weekly grocery haul kind of person, Savor will reward for the food-centric purchases you’re already making.

And according to new data, a startling majority of people ARE already making these purchases.

In the MasterCard SpendingPulse™ Report, it was found that consumer spending has grown a whopping 20 percent in the restaurant industry, followed by five percent in the grocery industry.

Managing Vice President of US Card at Capital One, Emilia Lopez, further explained:

“When we asked people to share what matters most to them, we heard repeatedly that food and dining are an important part of their lives. We created the Savor card to give customers a simple way to earn more when they are doing what we know they love. Whether it’s cooking a meal with family, enjoying coffee with friends, or celebrating a special occasion at a favorite restaurant, the Savor card helps make life’s moments more rewarding.”

Restaurant spending in general has increased by $100 billion in the past three years, with restaurant sales increasing at a sky-high 59 percent year-over-year increase over the past decade. 

That’s a lot of people dining out!

So next time everyone reaches to split the check at brunch, put it all on your Savor card and have your friends pay you back — you’ll be reaping the delicious benefits without anyone having to know.