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Car Insurance Experts Present How Crash Avoidance Systems Work and Their Benefits

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2019/ Compare-autoinsurance.org has released a new blog post that presents the benefits of crash-avoidance technology and how it can help drivers lower car insurance premiums.

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A high number of cars translates into a high likelihood of being involved in an accident. To decrease the odds, more and more cars are equipped with performant sensors and cameras. Crash-avoidance technology informs the driver when a car, obstacle or pedestrian gets too close. This technology will reduce the number of accidents and will save lives.

The most popular crash-avoidance systems include:

  • Frontal collision prevention. These systems are complex, comprising several sensors, radars and cameras (including night-vision cameras) and will detect nearby cars and obstacles. Some systems will automatically brake in order to prevent a collision.
  • Lane departure warning is also an extremely useful system. If the driver passes the lane lines, he will receive audio warnings. Just like in the case of frontal collision prevention, the system may take over control and guide the car to the correct lane.
  • Blindspot detectors are probably some of the most popular systems. Sensors will detect cars placed in the blind spots and will emit various luminous signals (usually on the dashboard, rear camera or mirror).
  • Adaptive cruise control will measure the distance between the driver's car and the car in front and calculate its speed. In order to maintain a safe driving distance, the system will adjust the speed of the car.

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