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Car sculpted out of snow is realistic enough to fool the police

Sven Gustafson

A Montreal artist and machinist who made a car out of snow that resembles a Toyota Supra or Delorean DMC-12 had some harmless fun when the snow installation fooled the local police, who pulled over and were photographed approaching the car, apparently believing it was real and parked illegally.

Simon Laprise made the life-size snow mobile in a snow removal zone and used a real windshield wiper he found lying on the ground while working on the project. It was enough to attract the attention of a passing patrol car, which stopped to investigate and allow for a priceless photograph and Facebook post, which had nearly 500 likes and more than 1,500 shares.

Laprise, whose Facebook profile lists interests including 3D drawings, design, welding and mechanical engineering, told Buzzfeed that all the messages he's been getting froze his computer.

"I did the car to have fun expressing my creativity on that beautiful day," he told the site. "I am passionate about building and designing stuff." Naturally, since this isn't a real car, we're not entirely sure what it's a replica of, but we've included a photo of the real DMC-12 below for comparison's sake. What do you think?

In the end, the 33-year-old's creation was destroyed by a snowplow the following morning. But not before the officer who stopped to investigate left a note, written in French, that reads "You made our night!!!"

Car sculpted out of snow is realistic enough to fool the police originally appeared on Autoblog on Thu, 18 Jan 2018 16:00:00 EST.