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Car of the week: June 5th - BMW 435i M-SPORT

Steve McKenlay

It’s almost a given that when you climb into a BMW the driving experience is going to be a bit special, such is the marque’s reputation.

One of the best cars the German manufacturer has produced over the years is the massively successful 3-Series coupe.

Sadly, thanks to BMW’s new policy of giving its four-door cars odd numbers and the sportier two-door models even numbers, it is no more.

Instead, BMW has a new coupe – the 4-Series and in M-Sport mode it is a phenomenal piece of kit.

In fact, apart from the M3, it is the best Beemer I have ever driven.

That is likely to change when I get behind the wheel of the new M4 which looks absolutely awesome, but for the moment the 435i M-Sport ticks all the boxes and some you never even thought of.

I have actually had issues with the shape of some of the recent BMWs to the point of thinking their designers had lost the plot, but this car reaches new levels of aesthetic glory as it heralds a new era of the mid-size BMW coupe.

It looks absolutely brilliant, and is undoubtedly one of the sleekest designed cars on the road with its aggressive stance, muscular front with large air intakes in the front apron, streamline profile and stocky rear.

It is wider than the old 3-Series coupe, has a longer wheel-base and sits lower to the ground which helps its powerful pose and the way it handles.

All BMWs are well equipped and luxurious inside and this beauty continues that theme of high quality materials and cutting edge equipment.

As soon as you sit inside you are left in no doubt that the 4-Series coupe has been designed primarily to cater for the driver looking for a sporty performance and comfort.

Everything from the instrument cluster to the BMW ConnectedDrive infotainment system and display screen, which looks a bit like an i-pad, is ultra-modern but retains a classic feel and is not over fussy.

The three-spoke leather multi-function steering wheel is also comfortable to use and is not overloaded with buttons.

The front seats are superbly comfortable and supportive, and although there is not acres of room in the back, it is spacious enough for regular sized adults, and the whole interior package puts you in the mood to enjoy what is a sensational driving experience.

Our 435i M-Sport, which is about as good as it gets unless you are fortunate enough to be able to afford the M4, is powered by a 3-litre twin turbo six-cylinder in-line engine which is extremely potent.

It delivers 306bhp to the rear-wheels via an eight-speed automatic gearbox and propels the car from 0-100kmh in five seconds.

It also has paddle-shifts to give the driver a more direct input and a sportier experience.

Although this is a relatively powerful car it does not guzzle fuel, thanks to its light weight and what BMW call EfficientDynamics which optimises economy, not that too many people will be bothered about that in this part of the world.

The more I drove this car, the more I liked it. It is so good that I can only imagine how impressive the M4 is going to be.

Bring it on!

Why Buy It 
Superb design 
Fabulous engine 
BMW quality 
It’s quick 
Great handling

Why Not 
This really is a car which is difficult to find fault with, but it is a coupe which means it’s not ideal for families.

435i M-Sport – Specifications

Manufacturer: BMW
Production: 2013 to present
Class: Mid-size coupe
Body style: Four-seater
Layout: Rear wheel drive
Engine: 3-litre twin turbo
Transmission: Eight-speed sports automatic with paddle-shifts
Output: 306bhp
Torque: 400nm
0-100km: 5 seconds
Kerb weight: 1,590kg
Top speed: 250kmh
Price: Dh280,000
Rating out of 10: 9

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