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Cardi B Arrives at Milan Fashion Week Three Days After Nicki Minaj

Ariana Yaptangco
Photo credit: Getty Images


Following their infamous showdown during New York Fashion Week, Cardi B has arrived at Milan Fashion Week just three days after Nicki Minaj.

TMZ reports Cardi was spotted in New York's JFK airport, passport in hand, before jetting off to Italy to take in more fashion festivities. The rapper confirmed her stay in Milan by sharing a welcome gift basket and Italian plaque for her hit song 'I Like It' on Instagram stories. "Platinum, the Italian way, you heard?" the rapper says in the video. She also offered a shot of her hotel room with the caption, "Missing my K."

The aftermath of the explosive fight has become a big game of back-and-forth. Shortly after the incident, Cardi hopped on Instagram and accused Nicki of bad-mouthing her parenting and sabotaging her career. Nicki responded days later during a scathing episode of Queen Radio, where she denied the allegations and claimed Cardi and her publicist were lying. Cardi has since thrown some shade, but took a lighthearted turn when she joked about the fight in a recent post.

If Cardi and Nicki do cross paths, we know the new mom will have someone on her side. Hennessy Carolina, Cardi's sister, is also in Milan for fashion week and recently walked in the Philipp Plein show. "I could cry ๐Ÿ˜ฅIโ€™m so proud of @hennessycarolina !! In Milan walking at the @philippplein show .Henessy is Soo swaggy ,talented and pretty," Cardi wrote in a post. "She is my rock and i canโ€™t believe she evolving in to this beautiful woman !In my eyes she still little Hennessy ! Thank you @philippplein."

Meanwhile, Nicki attended the Versace show yesterday and sat front row with Rita Ora. Both artists wore interesting outfits, with Minaj sporting a colorful skirt, corset, and plaid beret/hat/ski mask/honestly, I don't even know, hybrid. I digress. It's fashun, darling!

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

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