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Cardinals’ quarterbacks keep getting called for false starts

Michael David Smith

After Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray was called for two false starts in last week’s preseason game, coach Kliff Kingsbury said the team needed to “come to an understanding” about what constitutes a false start on the quarterback. Kingsbury’s team still doesn’t understand.

Cardinals backup quarterback Brett Hundley has been called for two false starts during today’s game against the Vikings.

The referee did not explain either false start. Last week Murray was called for clapping, but today Hundley was called for moving his leg to signal for the snap, not clapping. Hundley did not appear to do anything that was a blatant attempt to draw the defense offside.

The Cardinals also got called for a delay of game penalty after Hundley’s two false starts, which may have been a result of a miscommunication when Hundley didn’t know how to signal for the snap without getting flagged.

With only one preseason game to go, and one in which the Cardinals’ starters are not expected to play, it’s going to be tough for Kingsbury to get a full handle on the NFL’s false start rules before the season starts.