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CareerBliss Announces the Top 10 Happiest Stores for Your Shopping Pleasure


In the spirit of giving thanks, employees are thanking their employers for providing a happy workplace. CareerBliss found that shopping at a company that cares about its employees is a simple way of giving back this holiday season. Knowing which retail companies keep their employees happiest this holiday season may not get you the best deal, but it can make your Black Friday holiday shopping experience much more pleasant. Today, CareerBliss announces its annual ranking of the CareerBliss Happiest Retailers in America 2012. CareerBliss analyzed more than ten thousand independent company reviews, evaluating which retail employees were happiest. Nordstrom—known for its customer service oriented culture—tops the list in providing a happy work environment for its employees. Following Nordstrom is Macy’s, OfficeMax, Best Buy and GameStop to round out the happiest retailers in America.

CareerBliss’ Happiest Retailers in America 2012

Rank       Retailer       Bliss Score*
1       Nordstrom       3.93
2       Macy's       3.89
3       OfficeMax       3.87
4       Best Buy       3.84
5       GameStop       3.81
6       Bath & Body Works       3.73
7       Office Depot       3.67
8       Dillard's       3.67
9       Kohl's       3.63
10       Sears       3.60

* BlissScore accounts for overall ranking of ten factors for work happiness on a scale of 1-5.

CareerBliss data evaluate the key factors that impact happiness at work including work-life balance, senior management, compensation, benefits, job security, whether the employee would recommend his or her employer, the work the employee does, the company culture and the employee’s work environment. The submissions are from visitors to www.CareerBliss.com and provide insights regarding their current and previous employers.

Heidi Golledge, CEO and co-founder of CareerBliss says, “Nordstrom is one of the places on the planet that is consistently ranked on both customer service as well as employee happiness. We are happy to see them in our CareerBliss Happiest Retailers once again. We are seeing stores such as Dillard's and Sears showing a new found focus on employee culture and happiness. Overall, it is nice to see retail happiness levels trending up a potential sign of an improved economy."

This is the second year in a row Nordstrom has ranked on the CareerBliss Happiest Retail list. In addition to Nordstrom, employees of Macy’s, Best Buy and the video game store GameStop, are singing praises of these employers. Employees rate their company high in senior management and overall company reputation.

Matt Miller, CTO and co-founder of CareerBliss says, “Happy retail employees tend to provide a happier customer experience and also help influence their fellow co-workers. Amongst the top ten retailers, we saw that employees ranked their co-workers as a large factor on their overall happiness at work. They say laughter is contagious – so is happiness in the workplace, according to our data.”

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The CareerBliss data evaluate the key factors that affect work happiness, including work-life balance, one’s relationship with his or her boss and co-workers, work environment, job resources, compensation, growth opportunities, company culture, company reputation, daily tasks, and job control over the work that performed on a daily basis. The data account for how an employee values each factor as well as how important that factor is to the employee’s overall happiness. Each review is given an average score indicating where the company places between one and five. All assessments are derived from 2012 employee-generated reviews. For the purpose of this data – more than 10,000 independent employee reviews were assessed.

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