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Caribbean International Holdings to Pursue Life Changing Direction

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - March 20, 2014) - Caribbean International Holdings (CIHN), is excited to announce that it has decided to focus its effort in the area of Regenerative and Personalized Medicine by providing Adult Stem Cell Incubation and Storage to individuals looking for the potential to protect and ensure their future quality of life.

The Company is currently finalizing operational agreements that would allow CIHN to extract Adult Stem Cells from patients in close proximity to where they live through a network of approved doctors nationwide. This minimally invasive procedure is typically done using local anesthetic and often times can be done in less than an hour. CEO Steven Swank stated, "We believe Regenerative Medicine is the future and we are preparing ourselves to potentially make a significant impact in the lives of our patients."

These stem cells will be stored and available for use as future opportunities arise. Currently there are over 100 diseases and conditions identified worldwide for the use of Adult Stem Cells derived from fat to heal the body. The earlier you can store your stem cells the better and it's never too late. Swank continues, "This has been a project we have invested significant time and energy in over the last few years and finally feel confident we can provide this amazing service in the most convenient and cost-effective manner through a reputable, well-established laboratory."

The Company has also been working on international Stem Cell services in Dominican Republic to supplement the US operations. CIHN expects to have all contracts finalized with services available within the next 30-60 days and already has a database of interested individuals.

CIHN believes the new focus of the Company offers the greatest opportunity to shareholders and the health and well-being of all those interested in exploring this exciting new breakthrough.


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