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Carson Wentz is a good quarterback and apparently a better tipper

Usually when we hear about NFL players and their restaurant tipping habits, it’s not in a positive light (cough, Warren Sapp, cough).

We’re still in that early part of the Carson Wentz movie in which our new hero can do no wrong. Not only has he been a fantastic quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles so far, apparently he’s a great tipper as well.

The rookie went back to North Dakota State, where he played in college, on the Eagles’ bye week. CSN Philly wrote about what North Dakota thinks of Wentz-mania, and got a story of how Wentz held a low-key private party at Fargo restaurant Herd & Horns after taking in a North Dakota State football game, and the wait staff was impressed.

CSN Philly said he picked up the entire $1,000 tab and left a $500 tip. Then he left with his cousin in a 1996 Chevy pickup truck.

“He was very humble, especially as a guest. He didn’t treat anyone like they were below him or anything,” Rachel, a junior at North Dakota State who works as a server at Herd & Horns, told CSN Philly.

Wentz has been one of the NFL’s best stories so far this season. The No. 2 overall pick has been remarkably poised on the field, and the stories off the field have been of the “his girlfriend caught him watching game film on his phone during a date” variety.

And Wentz even remembers to tip his wait staff. He can do no wrong.

Carson Wentz left a huge tip at a Fargo, N.D. restaurant during the Eagles’ bye week (AP)

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