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Carson Wentz made a 'loopy' post-surgery call to his Eagles teammates

Nothing can stop Carson Wentz from preparing for the next football season. Nothing! (AP Photo)

On Wednesday, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz had surgery on his left knee to repair a torn ACL. He’s out of commission for the rest of the season, but he can’t keep his mind off of football. How dedicated is he to the game and to his Eagles teammates? So dedicated that he called them on FaceTime shortly after he came out of surgery. Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Inquirer talked to one of Wentz’s teammates and got the story.

Backup quarterback Nate Sudfeld said that even though Wentz was “pretty loopy” on pain medication, he wanted to know about a new play he’d gotten an email about from the coaching staff.

So Wentz was still in an anesthesia-induced haze after surgery, but was desperate to know about a new play he’d seen in an email! Knowing how weird you feel after anesthesia, I’m amazed this play and this email actually exist and it’s not something Wentz unintentionally invented.

Thus far, this is Carson Wentz all over: dedicated and conscientious. But even the talented MVP candidate couldn’t entirely fight off the effects of the pain medication.

Sudfeld said Wentz’s spirits were “really good.”

“It’s obviously disappointing, but the surgery went well, from what I heard and what he said. He was feeling pretty loopy after the anesthesia … He was just ordering a burger and talking about, he was trying to figure out some of the new plays we put in.”

The image of loopy Carson Wentz dialing up his teammates on FaceTime and then ordering a burger and asking questions about a new play, it’s just delightful. The next few months may not go the way Eagles fans had hoped, but Wentz is already preparing for 2018, and he won’t let surgery or anesthesia or pain medication stop him from doing it.

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