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Casco Signs Offers LED Message Boards For Schools And Churches

CONCORD, NC / ACCESSWIRE / March 13, 2020 / Concord, NC based Casco Signs is pleased to announce that they recently gained a new exclusive contract that will allow them to provide high quality digital LED message boards to schools and churches at much lower prices. Digital LED message boards offer a number of advantages over manual boards and, with the new contract offering much lower prices, now is the time for all those interested to get one installed by the experienced professionals at Casco. The company's website can be found at https://www.cascosigns.com/.

LED signs boast the advantage of being far easier to operate than their older counterparts. Instead of having to physically go out and manually change all the letters one by one to display new information, digital signs allow one to simply change what the sign displays using a computer without ever having to physically interact with the sign. It allows greater flexibility in terms of scheduling, giving the sign owner the ability to organize what content to display well in advance, using a computer to plan everything down to the minute, hour or even day before it is displayed. Casco's digital LED displays make use of a free and powerful cloud based software called ScreenHub, which makes uploading and designing content an easy endeavor.

Their LED systems provide great picture quality, and having one installed increases visibility by a wide margin. Visibility is the most important aspect of signage. As Casco's says, "Every moment of the day, you are missing critical, actionable data to run your business. Begin capturing it and using it to improve sales, get your message out and impact your audience." Each display installed by Casco supports edge to edge visibility, a feature not offered by many other systems. Edge to edge displays offer many benefits, which clients are encouraged to ask about when they purchase or consider purchasing one. One can also learn a bit more at the company's Linkedin profile.

Casco Signs offers signage solutions and has done so since they opened in 1998. The company's early years were spent partnering with local and national sign companies to provide installation, survey and maintenance services to their clients. They later moved to South Ridge in 1999 and finally to Concord in 2009, where they have been growing steadily into what they are today.

"Each year, we expand our service area along with the products and services we provide," says the company. "Our clients are the reason we exist. We solve our clients' problems in the area of signs and image identification with our LED digital signage services. Our focus is on maintaining continuous improvement in every facet of our operations. Through continuous improvement, we will ensure the highest level of products and services for our clients. Rest assured you have selected a group of people who are united in the goal of bringing you the best your money can buy."

The 40+ professionals employed by Casco Signs have about 30 years' experience on average, and they can use this experience and knowledge to handle almost any challenge their clients throw at them. As the signage company states, "Our vision is to provide a level of services to our customers that our competition will use to benchmark their operations. Need a Sign, Digital Message Center, Flag Pole, Custom Manufacturing, Awnings, Accent Neon vehicle wrapping or anything in between, call the team at Casco Signs and put us to work with your LED digital signage! Our company has grown steadily and has now extended to design and manufacturing for complete turnkey digital signage services."

Many of Casco's clients have expressed that it is a pleasure to work with the signage company. Stephanie Feather says on Facebook, "To keep it short and sweet, if Casco Signs were not customer focused and family oriented, I wouldn't have stayed. Working at Casco is like working among family. They carry that into their customer service to ensure each customer feels like a part of the family."

Concord businesses looking to improve their visibility are encouraged to get in touch with Casco today. The company's recently acquired contract will allow them to provide digital displays at a much lower cost, and this could give businesses the boost they need to grow. Find out more at the company's official website and other online resources. Andrew Crutchfield of Casco Signs is available if customers have any further inquiries as well.

For more information about Casco Signs, contact the company here:

Casco Signs
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