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Casetabs Expands Surgery Coordination Technology to Include Patient Engagement Capabilities


Streamlines Communication Throughout a Patient’s Entire Surgical Experience

Casetabs today announced it has expanded its surgery coordination platform to include patient engagement. From automated pre-op reminders to post-op check-ins, its integrated patient texting technology improves the patient experience by providing meaningful engagement throughout the patient’s entire continuum of surgical care.

“We are so excited to have the ability to reach our patients on this level,” said Lisa Davis, Business Office Manager at The Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery in Indiana. “We pride ourselves on our ability to personalize our patients’ experience to meet their individual needs. Casetabs’ texting functionality allows us to do so in a thoughtful, yet efficient manner.”

Casetabs’ web-based surgery coordination application serves as a central hub for coordinating and communicating real-time case information electronically. It enables everyone involved in a case - physician office teams, surgery center teams, anesthesiologists and ancillary teams including medical reps, radiology and pathology - to work together seamlessly.

Starting at the physician practice, Casetabs allows scheduling and patient demographic information to be quickly pulled from their EMRs and used to schedule into available OR times at hospitals and surgery centers. Once the case is scheduled, Casetabs serves as a project management platform for each surgery, providing the ability to manage anesthesia assignments, staffing assignments, vendor reps and other resources critical to patient care. All members involved in the case are kept in the loop of any changes or updates to a case through automated text, email and in-app alerts.

Expanding the Casetabs’ application to include integrated patient texting provides a unique communication tool that brings everyone involved in a case together, including the patient. Unlike traditional texting services, Casetabs offers a deeper level of care because it serves as the core hub for all communication around each case. As a result, Casetabs leverages unparalleled data and insights to enable more individualized and valuable engagement with each patient.

“Our company’s mission is to break down silos in healthcare and bring everyone together, including patients,” said Gavin Fabian, CEO of Casetabs. “We live in a world where anyone can receive text updates from Pizza Hut, UPS, and the dentist office. Surgeries are special events in patients’ lives; there is no reason they should be kept in the dark. We are providing a tool that empowers patients with information about their procedure, with the end goal of improving patients’ confidence and outcomes. And we wanted to deliver this in a powerful, efficient way that saves center staff time.”

With its intuitive design, patient segmentation and automated features, Casetabs revolutionizes traditional standards of patient communication. Messages can be customized based on anesthesia type, procedure, and more. Rules can be set to automatically notify staff if a critical response has been received and all flagged responses can be managed from a unique triage management page. Accessible from a single, streamlined view, this is the most powerful and user-friendly patient engagement platform for surgical patients.

For additional information on Casetabs, please visit www.casetabs.com.

About Casetabs

Today, over 100 million surgeries are coordinated in the US every year with fragmented chains of emails, text messages, phone calls, and faxes. Casetabs replaces these ineffective and error-prone methods with an intuitive central coordination hub, which delivers real-time case information and updates to facility staff, physician office staff, physicians, anesthesiologists and vendor reps. Casetabs is based in Santa Monica, CA. For more information, visit www.casetabs.com.

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