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Casetabs Wins MedTech Breakthrough Award for Best Health Information Exchange


Casetabs, the pioneer of cloud-based surgery coordination technology, today announced it has been named the Best Health Information Exchange by MedTech Breakthrough. This is the second consecutive year Casetabs’ web-based surgery coordination application has been awarded this honor.

The MedTech Breakthrough Awards recognize the top companies, people, platforms and products in the health, fitness and medical technology industries today. With over 3,000 nominations coming in from all over the world, the competition was extremely fierce this year. Casetabs is included among an elite group of industry leaders which includes Fitbit, WebMD, 23andMe and Stryker.

Launched in 2016, Casetabs’ web-based surgery coordination application is changing how surgeries are coordinated by breaking down the silos and ensuring everyone involved in a case is instantly and continuously on the same page. Casetabs serves as a central hub for coordinating and communicating real-time case information electronically and is easily accessible through a laptop or mobile device such as an iPhone or Android. It enables physician office teams, surgery center teams, anesthesiologists, and ancillary teams including medical reps, radiology and pathology to work together seamlessly.

Casetabs allows schedules and patient demographic information to be quickly pulled from the physician’s office and populated into the system. If there is a change or an update to a case, the system sends automated alerts to everyone involved. Casetabs also allows resource assignments between surgery centers and anesthesia groups to be seamlessly managed online.

Casetabs significantly streamlines case coordination and greatly improves all case-related communication and collaboration. On average, Casetabs reduces the number of touch points in a surgery from 25 to 5 resulting in hundreds of hours saved for an average center and allowing caretakers to focus on patient care.

For additional information on Casetabs, please visit www.casetabs.com.

About Casetabs

Today, over 100 million surgeries are coordinated in the US every year with fragmented chains of emails, text messages, phone calls, and faxes. Casetabs replaces these ineffective and error-prone methods with an intuitive central coordination hub, which delivers real-time case information and updates to facility staff, physician office staff, physicians, and vendor reps. Casetabs is based in Santa Monica, CA. For more information, visit www.casetabs.com.

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