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Cash is king as the bull market ages

Of the many disconnects between investing strategies suggested by financial media and reality, none is so glaring as the binary fiction of investing decisions on TV and the gray-scale reality of portfolio management. In a Bulls vs. Bear medium suggesting investors might be wise to tweak their portfolios systemically is frowned upon if not disallowed entirely.

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Welcome to reality as presented by the irrepressible Jonathan Hoenig author of founder of Capitalistpig Asset Management. In the attached clip Hoenig puts forth the radical idea that, while the bull market remains intact, this is still a good time to move some money out of mega-cap U.S. stocks.

Yes, the economy is strong and momentum, though flagging a bit, remains bullish. Hoenig isn’t picking a fight with the Fed or the stock market. He just sees better opportunities overseas and in some assets other than equities.

Citing the age of the bull market and his desire to have some cash on hand for the inevitable, if elusive correction, Hoenig is sticking with a Market Vectors Africa ETF (AFK) and the thinly traded iPath Pure Beta Lead ETN (LEDD). Both are near 52-week highs but look better to Hoenig from a risk: reward perspective.

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If those don’t appeal to you Hoenig has another even more radical idea. Simply move some money to the sidelines and wait for a while.

“Cash is more attractive now than it has been at any time in the last year,” he explains. “When either sales come up and stocks fall precipitously, or new opportunities arise you have the means to take advantage of it. Not an all or none decision but I think having some money on the sidelines makes sense.”

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