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Castle Shield Holdings, LLC Announces Typhos, A Secure Messaging App, Built With End-to-End Encryption From the Ground Up

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·5 min read
In this article:
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Castle Shield Holdings, LLC, announces the availability of Typhos, its Secure Mobile Messenger application, which offers both end-to-end encrypted text messaging and Push-To-Chat (PTC) communications. Typhos was built around Cipherloc Corporation’s (OTCQB:CLOK) Polymorphic Encryption Core (PEC). The PEC is quantum resistant and FIPS 140-2 certified (FIPS 140-2 certificate #3645).

Typhos is the only messaging app (downloadable from the Apple Store and Google Play) that carries the FIPS 140-2 validation for mobile devices. Enterprise customers may leverage a cloud-based hosted offering or host the Typhos client-server solution themselves for complete privacy. Currently under development, version 3.0, will provide end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls, and will be available later this year.

Typhos brings complete privacy, security, and end-to-end encryption as its architectural foundation. In addition, the Typhos encryption is symmetrically quantum-resistant. This makes Typhos one of the most secure messaging applications, currently available, in the world.

"We are happy that Castle Shield chose our patented, Polymorphic Encryption Core as the foundation for their Quantum-Resistant Architecture roadmap. Cipherloc’s innovative PEC solution takes any existing symmetrical encryption algorithm, such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), and makes it stronger, agile and scalable," said David Chasteen, CEO of Cipherloc Corporation.

Secure, Private, and Safe:

Typhos’s end-to-end encrypted messaging enables enterprises and consumers to communicate securely. There is no need to download extensions or plugins. Typhos users have the confidence that their communications are secure, private, and their personal information is not being monetized.

"Some communication apps do not have end-to-end encryption, while others added end-to-end encryption as an afterthought. Castle Shield developed Typhos with end-to-end encryption built-in from the onset. All data sent is encrypted in transit and at rest on the client- or server-side. User data is never accessed or monetized as is the case with other popular apps. This ensures that user communication is always secure and private," said Dr. Milton Mattox, CTO of Castle Shield Holdings.

Key Features:

End-to-End Encryption provides a secure user experience. Typhos is quantum-resistant incorporating FIPS 140-2 certified encryption which ensures that user messages are never intercepted by unauthorized actors.

Self-Destructing Messages allow users to send messages that automatically delete themselves. This ensures messages are fully erased from all chats when the self-destruct countdown sequence completes whether read or not.

Push-to-Chat is a walkie-talkie feature that works for both audio and video asynchronous communications between users. This allows for quick and secure audio and video chats.

Alias and PIN ensure that users are completely anonymous. The app does not ask users for their name or mobile number. Our login process is streamlined to make it easy and secure for users to quickly log in.

User Unique Code (UUC) is a random number so users never have to worry about their information being compromised or attached to a phone number. Users must know each other’s UUC in order to chat one-on-one or in groups.

Group Messaging allows users to set up multiple user groups for encrypted communications.

Chat Backup allows users to save encrypted chats onto the server. Backed up chats are always encrypted and are never decrypted on the server. Users determine if and when chat data is backed up.

Contact Information is only used if the user wants to invite someone to securely communicate via Typhos. Unlike other similar apps, Typhos does not notify users when someone in their contacts registers with Typhos. The use of Typhos is private to each user.

The Typhos app is available today through the Apple Store and Google Play.

About Castle Shield Holdings, LLC

Founded in 2019, Castle Shield offers a complete range of enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions that protects enterprises and consumers against all internal and external cyber threats. Our quantum-resistant solutions (Fides) stand strong as the last line of defense for enterprise and consumer data in the emerging quantum computing threat landscape. Legion, our Security Information Event Management or (SIEM), product portfolio and Fides work together to strengthen your overall data security. We monitor and address threat vectors through our scalable, multi-tenant SIEM platform, protecting enterprise systems and data in an efficient, cost-effective manner. In addition, we utilize an advanced compliance platform (Senate) which provides comprehensive ratings for third party vendors based on technical risk scores, compliance, and financial impact in the event of a breach. Our 360° proactive security solutions are what sets Castle Shield apart. For further information, please go to www.castle-shield.com.

About Cipherloc Corporation (OTCQB: CLOK)

Cipherloc Corporation is a data security solution company whose vision is simple - Protect the World’s Data. Our highly innovative solutions are based on our patented Polymorphic Encryption Core, which is designed to enable an ironclad layer of protection to be added to existing products, services, or applications. We deliver solutions that are highly secure, synergistic, and scalable. In short, we keep information safe in today’s highly dangerous world. For further information, please go to www.cipherloc.net.

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Technical Contact:
Dr. Milton Mattox
Castle Shield Holdings, LLC
800-491-5814 x 101
+44 203 769 6363 x 101

Enterprise Contact:
Tim Pazda
Castle Shield Holdings, LLC
800-491-5814 x 102
+44 203 769 6363 x 102

Cipherloc Contact:
Matt Kreps
Darrow Associates Investor Relation