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Cat amusingly steals the show from his opera-singing owner as he meows into camera: ‘Musical genius’

·2 min read

A cat has captured the hearts of those on TikTok after upstaging his opera-singing owner with his meowing.

Maura, who goes by the username @maura.music on TikTok, frequently shares videos of herself practising singing. However, in one recent video, the singer was performing opera in her bedroom when her cat decided to steal the spotlight.

In the video, Maura could be seen vocalising before the pet jumped up on her desk, landing slightly in front of the recording camera.

The interruption appeared to annoy Maura, who rolled her eyes and made a face at the camera before gently moving her cat out of the way. The pet seemed unconcerned by her reaction, however, as he then proceeded to meow loudly while staring into the camera.

The animal’s performance, which continued as the background music played, was met with amusement from Maura, who could be seen laughing hysterically as the cat appeared to mimic her singing with intermittent meows.

“What a legend,” Maura wrote in the caption of the video, which has since been viewed more than 4.1m times.

In the comments, viewers were equally amused and impressed, with many agreeing that Maura’s pet was the true star of the video.

“Straight upstaged,” one person wrote, while another said: “This is the best thing ever.”

“He said hold up lemme take this verse,” someone else joked, while one viewer claimed that it was Maura who had tried to take the cat’s solo.

In response, she acknowledged that her pet “quickly put me in my place”.

Others were impressed by the cat’s attempt, with one person noting that he’s “really putting his little soul into it”.

“I don’t know what you’re auditioning for, but both of you got the part,” someone else added.

Following the popularity of her pet’s singing attempt, Maura made a follow-up video, in which she also performed a duet with the cat.

“You’re famous!” she told her cat as he meowed loudly in response. In another video, in which Maura sang composer Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria” in “the key of cat,” the pet could be seen standing on his owner as she tried to vocalise the notes. “I love you,” she told her pet as she laughed at its antics, before joking in the caption that Schubert is “now rolling in his grave”.


Reply to @chris_topher_mcfly Schubert is now rolling in his grave :) #OperaCat #catsinger #catsoftiktok #musictok #operatok #catduet

♬ original sound - maura music

“The collab we’ve been waiting for,” one person commented, while another viewer said: “I love this so much.”