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If Your Cat Could Write to Santa, She'd Ask for This Adorable Christmas Tree Bed

Rebekah Lowin
Photo credit: Amazon

From Country Living

You've got your husband's gift figured out, you've fulfilled nearly every item on your 10-year-old's wishlist, and Grandma's present was easy enough. But there's one recipient that's still got you stumped—no matter how many times you check your list. What on Earth are you going to get your cat for Christmas this year?

Never fear—we've got you covered with what just might be the most festive pet product out there this year: a Christmas tree pet bed.

There are several different brands floating around, but our favorite has to be the Laamei Cat Tent Cave Bed, which features a semi-closed tree shape, fluffy pom-pom "ornaments," and a star "tree topper." The interior is pillowy, the exterior is velvety, and the removable interior mat is machine-washable.

Admit it: You're smitten. And your cat will be too.

Of course, you don't have to have a cat to splurge on one of these beauties. The beds, after all, don't discriminate, with the manufacturer claiming that they're "great for small cats or dogs and other small animals with burrowing instincts." Got a pet chinchilla? How about a guinea pig? Great! Everyone's invited to jump on in.

You can snag the bed on Amazon for just $25.99 in one of three sizes—medium, large, or extra-large—or you can always opt for the slightly less expensive Jijikoko Bed.

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