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Cat Owners Are Obsessed with This Super Cute and Festive Pet Bed — and It’s Only $16 on Amazon

Christina Butan

If you didn’t get a chance to snag one of those Christmas tree cat beds that went viral and sold out last month, you’re in luck: There’s a new festive pet bed in town.

The Hollypet Self-Warming Cat Bed Tent is shaped like a triangular cave and comes in 17 different styles, including various holiday designs — from one that looks like a Santa hat to reindeer antler attachments. The Hollypet bed is made with a flannel or fleece-like exterior (depending on which style you choose), and has a padded, velvet filling. The brand says the bed will fit a cat up to 12 pounds, and notes that the top can be folded down to become an open bed. While a majority of shoppers have purchased the bed for their cats, other pet owners found it works perfectly for smaller animals like chihuahuas and rabbits, too.


Buy It! Hollypet Self-Warming Cat Bed Tent, $15.99; amazon.com

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Shoppers say their cats love napping in the bed and using it as a “hideaway,” and that it doesn’t take long for them to curiously crawl into it. 

“It only took about an hour for our new kitten to fall in love with this and fall asleep in it. She is growing fast and sleeps a lot and has chosen this for her 6 hour naps. If she’s not running around in the living room she’s in my son’s room sleeping in her new bed,” one customer wrote.

While most caution that the bed is on the smaller size, some shoppers say their bigger cats still fit inside — it just might be a bit of a squeeze. Hollypet also makes a larger “Christmas house” bed that’s suitable for cats up to 18 pounds.


Buy It! Hollypet Cozy Pet Bed for Cats and Small Dogs, $28.99; amazon.com

Another reviewer wrote, “I bought this for my cat as I have no carpeting in my house, and finding a cozy warm place to curl up is a little hard this time of year for her. So far so good. She went right in it. It is all soft and padded. My cat is on the small size and it works perfectly for her.”

With the holidays just around the corner, this adorably festive pet bed is the purr-fect addition to any cat owner’s home.