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Catch The Blitz Debuts Second Season Of “The CTB Show” Podcast For First Round Of NFL Games

·4 min read

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 13, 2022 / Catch The Blitz, a resource and community basecamp for lovers of American football, unleashed the first episode of the second season of its podcast, "The CTB Show" on August 7th just in time for the start of the NFL's regular season. The episode covered high-profile predictions, speculations, and reservations on the first week of the season, and marked a new chapter for the media company that runs parallel to their social media channels in sculpting a new age for sports media content.

Catch The Blitz, Tuesday, September 13, 2022, Press release picture
Catch The Blitz, Tuesday, September 13, 2022, Press release picture

Officially introduced in March of 2017, the Toronto-based outlet for sports consumer media has routinely delivered cutting-edge content and breaking news within football communities in a way that's meaningful and without deception. Transparency remains at the forefront of the company's values, and their Instagram account maintains an open line of communication with its followers to stay grounded and up-to-date on what the people want to hear. The brand's outreach has been so successful, in fact, that viewers and followers from across the pond have tapped into the sports' coverage. Catch The Blitz holds a strong following both in North American markets and in Europe, where American football is the stuff of legend to some communities.

Until now, sports media occupied a relatively closed-off corner in consumer broadcasting that felt alienating to the ill-informed. Football content was made for football fans and typically spoke directly to a certain demographic. Catch The Blitz has redefined the essence of sports media as something to be celebrated, where the conversation never tires and any and all are welcome if they're interested. The company sustains an active social media presence where football conversation is regularly updated and expanded to include all walks of life. Their content is creative, dynamic, loud, and proud.

The company's podcast, on the other hand, brings another layer to the football-shaped cake. Most people know sports media in the form of live broadcasts, where journalists and news anchors are openly discussing stats, predictions, updates, and the goings-on in the sports world. In a similar fashion, Catch The Blitz turns up the volume on all things NFL so fans can get only the latest and greatest in media coverage, effectively disrupting the conventional corners that sports fans have become skeptical of. This honest and laid back approach invites active listening and participation from viewers and breaks down the stiff barrier that often exists between speakers and listeners. The podcast wrapped a successful first season last year in 2021 and has brought their contagious energy back just in time for the regular NFL season. Episodes are typically recorded every Tuesday and cover the happenings of the previous week, including games, scoring, interviews, and breaking news.


The team's warm and approachable dialogue does more than dissect the excitement of each week, tapping into a new market of fans that are eager to join in the conversation from the homefront and overseas. Social media has a way of connecting people on a shared passion or subject no matter where they are in the world, and in the case of NFL football, entities like Catch The Blitz are crossing borders into uncharted waters where a sea of fans are thirsty for better content creation overall.

Catch The Blitz has enjoyed steady growth since their founding in 2017, and the addition of a second season on their podcast only propels their development in even more expansive markets. As we usher in another regular season, Catch The Blitz is staying ten steps ahead of the starting line to ensure we're well-informed on the whereabouts and what'shapps in NFL contemporary culture, because the honest truth is that loyalty in the fanbase runs deep and goes beyond the sidelines. It's part of the cultural fabric, one that Catch The Blitz is looking to shake up.


Catch The Blitz is a media outlet for breaking sports journalism and creative content centered on American football. The company was founded in 2017 and has generated a substantive following that rivals most mainstream broadcast networks. Through loud & proud Instagram posts and an all-inclusive weekly podcast, Catch The Blitz is reaching football fans near and far by revolutionizing the way we consume sports media today.


Catch The Blitz Team

SOURCE: Catch The Blitz

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