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CatCoin Introduces New v2 Contract and Post Migration Features on Its Crypto Platform

CatCoin is a community-driven crypto coin, with a worldwide CatCoinArmy of several volunteers establishing the CatCoin as the Zen meme coin in the world.

Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom--(Newsfile Corp. - May 11, 2022) - CatCoin's new contract upgrade provides the functionality & security on its crypto platform. In addition to being a renounced contract, each decision made with the marketing wallet for project expenditures must go through a multi-signature wallet controlled by fully doxed team members. The multi-signature wallet allows CatCoin to make significant power moves, further pushing it to become more well known.


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The v2 Contract - Post Migration

CatCoin is now purely community-run with a new team and has now migrated to improved contract with several utilities such as:

  • Marketing Wallet

  • Hybrid DAO voting

  • Reflections for $CATS holders

  • Staking Pools

  • NFT collections (with integrated utility)

  • Interactive / education crypto games

  • Applications

  • And much more to come!


The new CatCoin maintains the functionalities while being secure for anyone interacting with it. The ownership has been renounced, so no individual retains control over the functions. This multi-signature safe requires 4 people to sign off on each transaction before being able to proceed with any changes made to any of the features. These individuals who have access to the safe are from different parts of the world, and each of them is doxed internally with their government IDs, location information, and contact details on record.

Every move and decision must come to a comprehensive agreement by the core team across the board. It is the only method of accessing funds from the contract, further blocking any attempts of someone trying to steal from the funds acquired.

The CatCoin Team

The new team is also revealed on their website, including their LinkedIn and Telegram accounts. Furthermore, the core team is comprised of all unpaid volunteers who share a parallel vision for the success of CatCoin. Their experience ranges throughout several fields, especially cryptocurrency. Some of the core members are profile project leaders, senior business executives, speakers, animators, graphic designers, and blockchain tech & security experts.


Alternative chains are in the scope of the near future for CatCoin, with the primary focus being Ethereum. CatCoin plans to expand its userbase onto the Ethereum blockchain by launching a mirror bridge token. Most mirror tokens will require a strong liquidity pool, so this will not occur until the appropriate amount of funds is acquired to launch.

A DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) will be used to allow the community to get involved in the voting process (outside of the traditional means like social media polls). The DAO will allow $CATS holders to vote using their tokens as their voting power.


After Dubai and Miami, CatCoin will not only have a booth at the forthcoming Singapore crypto show (22nd – 23rd June), but they will also be one of the main sponsors of the event.

To learn about the CatCoin, visit CatCoin: The Rise of $CATS - Degen Clinic.

Media Contact Details

Company Name: CatCoin

Contact Person: Adam Vernon

Website: https://www.catcoincrypto.me

Email: adam@catcoincrypto.me

City: Tyne and Wear

Country: United Kingdom

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