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New Caviar Shop Singapore - Nomad's Online Store Offers Premium Caviar Subscription And Delivery in SG

Singapore, July 12, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NOMAD Caviar is offering home delivery of generously sized tins of high-quality yet accessible caviar to the residents of Singapore.

Originally founded in Hong Kong, NOMAD Caviar bills itself as the “caviar for a new generation”. The company sources the best quality sturgeon eggs harvested at sustainable farms across China, and makes them available at a very competitive price to its clients across Singapore, Hong Kong, and the rest of the world. For more information visit

Caviar Shop Singapore
Caviar Shop Singapore

The founder of the company, Jason Cohen, started NOMAD Caviar out of a need to serve friends and family he was entertaining at his Hong Kong residence at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. With his increasingly large orders as the lockdowns dragged on, Jason realised just how expensive the caviar available on retail store shelves was.

“I decided to cut out the middleman and go straight to the farms,” says Cohen. “Soon, the owners noticed my bulk orders and offered me special rates. This was also when I identified a gap in the market and my private caviar deliveries turned into a full-fledged business venture. Now, I’m passing on the benefits of the relationships that I’ve built with the best sturgeon farms across the Chinese mainland to caviar enthusiasts all over Singapore and Hong Kong.”

The company’s Kaluga Hybrid caviar has large firm beads and a bronze colour that packs a full flavour and has notable minerality. The caviar comes from a crossbreed of two sturgeon native to the Amur River basin, the Huso dauricus (a cousin to Beluga and considered the largest freshwater fish in the world) and Acipenser schrenckii (Amur) sturgeon.

Despite offering a comparable experience to Beluga, the other popular caviar offering, Kaluga Hybrid Caviar is priced significantly lower, making it a more accessible choice for connoisseurs and those wishing to experience caviar for the first time. Like Beluga, the Kaluga Hybrid possesses a rich, buttery taste and creamy aroma, and its large, firm beads provide the unique texture and "pop" that caviar enthusiasts appreciate.

As previously announced, customers in Singapore can order two tins of 250g or 1 tin of 500g, 1kg, or 1.7kg of Kaluga Hybrid caviar for SGD 906, SGD 859, SGD 1,483, and SGD 2,027 respectively. The Singapore store also offers other items for purchase such as caviar spoons, caviar bowls, and merch. NOMAD Caviar Singapore delivers throughout the country and offers free next-day delivery Monday to Saturday, on orders placed before 4pm. All prices include GST.

When asked about his vision for the company, Cohen says, “The prohibitive costs of caviar today are a recent phenomenon. Spurred on by overfishing and dwindling wild sturgeon populations, caviar’s status today as a luxury food is purely a result of intractable market forces. In fact, throughout history, caviar has been enjoyed as a plentiful delicacy that is served generously. However, with the costs where they are, you might not have ever enjoyed more than a measly mouthful at a time. In this, you are being robbed of a truly elevating experience.”

Cohen goes on to talk about how NOMAD Caviar is on a mission to change this perception: “By partnering with the best sustainable aquaculture farms, we have a more predictable production of the delicacy, allowing you to indulge in it to your heart’s delight. You can affordably incorporate NOMAD Caviar into your special occasions and start to look at it as a dietary source of proteins and minerals.”

The direct-to-consumer online luxury food marketplace launched its Singapore operations in July 2022. The team that Jason has assembled at NOMAD Caviar to bring its vision for caviar to life consists of experienced hospitality professionals with a background in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and hotels across Asia. Jason’s own experience in the industry includes being the co-founder of the Ce La Vi Group, which is a representative for the Fleming Hotel in Hong Kong.

Readers can visit the NOMAD Caviar website at to find out more about the company’s journey to becoming the premium caviar home delivery retailer in Singapore that it is today.


For more information about NOMAD Caviar Singapore, contact the company here:

NOMAD Caviar Singapore
Jason Cohen
30 Cecil St, # 19-08 PRUDENTIAL TOWER, Singapore 049712

CONTACT: Jason Cohen