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Caylee Anthony's Grandfather Says He Still Sees 2-Year-Old After Her Death

Nine years after Caylee Anthony’s unsolved death, her grandfather says he still sees the 2-year-old walking around the family’s Florida home and that he believes his daughter should be behind bars for what happened.

George Anthony, in aninterview with “Crime Watch Daily”published on Monday, spoke out against his estranged daughter,Casey Anthony, and how his family struggles to move on from the 2008 tragedy that claimed Caylee’s life and changed theirs forever.

Casey Anthony was charged with murdering her daughterafter the child’s body was found buried in the woods near her Orlando-area home, but the mother was acquitted of the crime in 2011. 

“I’ve seen Caylee on a couple of occasions. I’ve walked with her down the hallway, she walked into her old room,” George Anthony recalled during the interview, adding that the toddler once woke him up by tapping on his forehead.

Asked if it was a dream or an apparition, he insisted: “I’ve seen her in the flesh, in my house.”

George and Cindy Anthony opened up about their lives following the unsolved death of their 2-year-old granddaughter, Caylee.

“That’s not an imagination. That’s love, and that’s a connection that I wish more people could have,” he said.

His wife Cindy, who sat beside him wiping away tears, nodded her head and said that she believes him.

George Anthony said he hasn’t forgiven his daughter for what happened to his granddaughter, though he said he doesn’t believe his daughter murdered her.

“She should be in jail because of Caylee not being here,” he said.

No one was ever convicted of killing the 2-year-old whose body was found buried near her home in 2008, months after she went missing.

George Anthony said he and his wife agreed to the interview in an effort to shed light on what they have been going through over the last several years and “how traumatic it’s been.”

They also appeared on the program to urge their daughter to start being honest,the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Casey Anthony has stayed out of the public light since her acquittal, but in March she gave herfirst interview to The Associated Press,during which she talked about her life over the last several years and how she believes the public convicted her long before she was even tried.


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