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CB Elliptical Cross Trainer Models and Public Company Twitter Announcemnet

Huntington Beach, CA - (Accesswire) October 21st 2013 Cal-Bay International, Inc. (CBYI) Today unveiled the New CB Elliptical Cross Trainer 2014 Models and Official Company Twitter Account.

The New 3 & 8 Speed Striders, have significantly improved design and ride features over the previous competitive models, including easier and smoother handling capabilities and a quick snap release mechanism for easy storage and transportation, now available with the optional floor stand for use also as an indoor Elliptical.

The CB Strider, the world's newest mobile elliptical cross trainer, providing an excellent way to maintain strength and health in an injury-free stress-free manner while having fun outside!

- Low Joint Impact - Riding a CB Strider achieves the natural jogging motion without pounding the pavement. Striding is ideal for daily training and for rehabilitation from repetitive stress and injuries.

- Full Body Workout - Pulling and pushing the arm levers, pedaling the foot platforms and leaning to steer all together engage nearly every major muscle group in the body.

- Cardiovascular Conditioning - Riding a CB Strider engages nearly every major muscle group in the body, including the heart. The health benefits of cardiovascular conditioning include increased circulation, decreased blood pressure and improvement in overall heart health.

- Weight Bearing - Riding a CB Strider is weight bearing because the rider is standing, unlike bicycling and swimming. Weight bearing exercise improves bone health and helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

- Comfortable and Natural Upright Posture - The upright posture on a CB Strider duplicates the natural jogging motion and provides excellent visibility. Riding a CB Strider avoids the uncomfortable hunched- over position with pressure on sensitive areas experienced on a bicycle.

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Cal Bay International is pleased to announce the launch of an official company Twitter account to be placed on our website. Recently the SEC announced that publicly traded companies may use social media such as Twitter and Facebook as a way to make public announcements so long as the public is aware of such official accounts.

Cal Bay International has set up an official twitter account at http://twitter.com/CalBay1

We encourage all potential investors and shareholders to follow us on Twitter as we plan on using Twitter as a means of communicating Cal Bay's as well as Cal Bay Wholly Owned Subsidiaries activities.

SEC Article for Social Media

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