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CBD Lifestyle Labs Joins #SuperCoralPlay Campaign Supported By The Miami Super Bowl Host Committee As First Hemp Company To Embrace Sustainable Packaging To Save Coral Reefs

MIAMI, Jan. 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CBD Lifestyle Labs, (CBDLL) a manufacturer and distributor of premium hemp-derived CBD products made with a solid history of over 35 years in the bio-Tech and pharmaceutical industries pledged their commitment to take part in the #SuperCoralPlay challenge and reduce their carbon footprint by using sustainable packaging when shipping their products to their customers. 

CBD Lifestyle Labs becomes first hemp-derived company to advocate sustainable packaging by eliminating product boxes and one-time-use packaging. Read more at cbdlifestylelabs.com

"Our Hemp-derived products are already organically made from a plant so why not our packaging," says Nick Mangroo, CBD Lifestyle Labs founder and CEO.  "We felt this was an important decision because we wanted to reduce unnecessary packaging that just ends up being thrown away with one use."

CBD Lifestyle Labs team advocates this further by not creating free sample products. "While our competitors are hyping up their products with one time use free samples, we are focusing on reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing the overuse of non-biodegradable pollutants. Reducing one time use packages was always an essential mission to us even if it meant less sales."

As a Lab of pharma-professionals, we understand the importance of reducing waste and improving recycling," says Anj Logan, R&D Specialist at CBD Lifestyle Labs.  "Hemp-derived products has been the fastest growing business in the last few years with more studies emerging regarding the numerous benefits being discovered.  However, it's important to take time to evaluate our impact on the environment as we grow.  It's our mission to analyze every step of the process from seed to manufacturing, making sure we have the highest quality and lowest carbon impact."

"Working with many athletes using our Hemp-derived topical relief balms and sprays, it was natural to become involved in a campaign that reflects the same mission as our own in striving towards a healthier planet."  The #SuperCoralPlay campaign in partnership with MSC Cruises, the Miami Super Bowl Host Committee, 54 NFL stars including Larry Fitzgerald, Mark Sanchez, and Jarvis Landry raises awareness of the need to take action to protect and preserve coral reefs.
"We hope more companies will embrace this valuable cause in finding similar ways to minimalize their carbon footprint and limit the use of non-biodegradable pollutants that seeps into our oceans and destroys our coral reefs.

Learn more about CBD Lifestyle Labs, visit us at CBDlifestylelabs.com

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Joining the #SuperCoralPlay Campaign