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CBS poll on the economy: Optimism, but Trump tweets and trade raise concerns

Anthony Salvanto, Jennifer De Pinto

This article, CBS poll on the economy: Optimism, but Trump tweets and trade raise concerns, originally appeared on CBSNews.com

Slightly more Americans say they're optimistic about the economy rather than pessimistic going forward, though many are unsure. Looking at their own pocketbooks, Americans are more optimistic about their own financial situation than pessimistic. 

As is the case with many views these days — even those that might seem otherwise objective — partisanship weighs on this. Republicans are especially upbeat, Democrats much less so, and this is a difference that cuts across financial status and income levels.

The president, the economy and personal finance assessments 

Fifty-three percent of Americans give President Trump good marks for handling the economy. But they're less positive about what happens when he tweets about stocks, economic matters and trade policy. Only 25% say that his tweeting raises confidence, and more (38%) say this lowers confidence. The rest say it doesn't have an impact. It is Republicans who feel, on balance, that his tweeting increases confidence in the economy, but even then, fewer than half of them hold this opinion. Most Democrats think his tweets decrease confidence, and independents tend to agree.

Across the political spectrum — Democrats, Republicans, and independents give the president less positive marks on trade than on the economy. 

Americans express some skepticism about whether the president's approach to trade policy with China will be successful. Only a quarter say they truly believe it will be, while another third hope it is but aren't certain it will be, and 44% don't think Mr. Trump's approach will succeed.

Republicans are more optimistic than Democrats, but just 50% of Republicans say they do believe Mr. Trump's trade policies with China will be successful.

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